China warns of Retaliation if U.K deploys Warships SCC

F.P Report

BEIJING: On January 2nd, the Chinese Defence Ministry official spokesman Tan Kefeigave warning to the Western powers against sending warships to the South China Sea. Alarming the Western powers that Beijing may retaliate.

The Chinese Defnese Ministry official spokesperson was addressing a press conference when he warned saying that ‘The Chinese side believes that the South China Sea should not become a sea of great power rivalry dominated by weapons and warships.’

Tan argued that the real source of militarisation in the area originates from the countries outside this region sending their warships thousands of kilometres from home to flex muscles.

The Defence Ministry spokesman vowed that the Chinese military will take necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests as well as peace and stability in the South China Sea.

He emphasized that “China’s defence build-up and development has always been an addition to the global force for peace.” Tan also expressed hope that “various parties can correct their prejudice and have a rational view of China and its military development”.

The following statements came after the reports that the U.K’s newest aircrafts carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth may be deployed to the South China in the coming months as part of the vessel’s first operational mission.

Earlier in February 2019, then-UK Defence Minister Gavin Williamson alsogave the confirmation that the Queen Elizabeth’s first operational mission would include the South China Sea, something that should add to “making a global Great Britain a reality”.

Last year many media reports revealed that the aircraft carrier and its strike group are due to join units of the US military and Japan’s Self-Defence Forces near the Japanese Ryukyu Islands as soon as early next year.

According to news agencies the recent developments come during continuing regional tensions over South China Sea territories which apart from China are claimed by a range of countries, that includes the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

United States has no claims to the territories but is still keenly engaged in the dispute. It has also sent its military vessels to the South China Sea for the so-called freedom of navigation missions. These actions has sparked harsh criticism from Beijing which rejects such acts as “provocations”.