China will definitely not remain hungry

Elena Egorova

While another scandal flares up around Ukrainian grain, Russia is preparing to increase the supply of wheat and other crops to friendly countries. In Chita, Mikhail Mishustin was informed about the completion of a large project, the main beneficiary of which will be China: a new grain terminal will allow the Chinese to ship by rail as much grain as they now buy in the West. For Russia, this direction is beneficial, since it does not fall under restrictions and is not associated with the chartering of ships.
Even a person who has never been to Chita can easily figure out where the regional hospital is located. Approximately half a kilometer away, life-affirming posters begin to appear on the road, looking at which you immediately want to run to the doctors. “We turn kidney stones into dust,” two masked men say, for clarity, passing something white and airy between their fingers. Sleep. I’ll look after,” resuscitator Mitroshin inspires confidence in future patients. “Conquering time,” the surgeon Shagaev advertises his talent bluntly.
However, in the hospital itself they say that they have a shortage of specialized specialists (more than 30% of doctors and 25% of middle and junior staff are not enough to be fully staffed). And street posters are needed so that residents do not get nervous: if the right doctor is not found in a state institution, they will know which private doctor they can contact.
The regional hospital itself – although it is the flagship of the Trans-Baikal healthcare – looks like a building built in the late 70s and has never been repaired since then should look like. Worn linoleum, plaster crumbling from the walls, a leaking cistern in the toilet … But below there is a coffee machine that can even make lavender raff.
Mikhail Mishustin, who always visits social facilities on business trips, was taken to one of the most decent departments – physiotherapy. Here, patients after strokes undergo rehabilitation, including restoring coordination on simulators with virtual reality.
How exactly they work, instead of the patients, the head of the department undertook to show the premiere. But, apparently, she overestimated her abilities: the skier, whose movements the woman had to control her own body, fell off at the very first turn. “Well, I’m not a snowboarder!” The manager spread her hands.
They did not hide from Mishustin that there were only one or two such modern devices as those used by physiotherapists in the hospital. And 90% of the equipment, including the more important devices that are in demand among doctors, are physically outdated and need to be replaced. The estimate has already been calculated: 2.3 billion rubles are needed. for overhaul plus 0.8 billion rubles. for equipment.
The governor recalled that the money that the region asked for from former Prime Minister Medvedev in 2019 is already being mastered with might and main. “A children’s hospital is being built opposite,” he pointed out the window. The head of the region did not take into account that Mishustin already knew the truth: the project was coordinated for too long, and construction, which will cost the federal budget 7.1 billion rubles, began in the spring instead of January 2022.
“You are 90 days behind,” the prime minister scolded the official. However, the head of the Cabinet did not argue with the need for new appropriations. Yes, and how can you argue. “Major repairs are not just required – all the walls are talking about it!” Mishustin said. He noted that Moscow would help Transbaikalia on the terms of co-financing. And the list of “wish list” of the hospital will have to be additionally coordinated with the Ministry of Health.
Fortunately, the local authorities not only asked for money, but also presented Mishustin with projects that would help the country earn money. And on a topic that is now on everyone’s lips. “The world’s first full-cycle land grain terminal is opening in Transbaikalia,” the governor proudly told the prime minister. The project is mainly focused on China: from Russian grain carriers or an elevator, grain will be loaded into Chinese wagons and immediately sent by rail to buyers – the problem of different track gauges has been completely solved.
Now China is steadily buying 1.8-1.9 million tons of wheat from the Russian Federation. And he could buy (and the capacity of the new terminal allows it) 8 million tons, thereby completely abandoning purchases from the United States, Canada, France and Ukraine. “The project improves our food security, provides an opportunity to help friendly countries and increase exports,” Mishustin praised.
According to agricultural producers, now the Urals, Siberia and the Far East contribute 27 million tons of grain to the common piggy bank. But they can produce 60 million tons “lightly”, and 90 million tons “with tension”. 1.5 million hectares of excellent arable land are currently simply not being used, so there was neither infrastructure nor demand. But now they are planned to be gradually involved in circulation.
In general, China will definitely not remain hungry. In general, the friendly countries of Asia require about 300 million tons of grain annually.