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China’s Policy toward Pakistan hasn’t changed, Ahsan

Interior Minister, Governor Pledge to continue Karachi Operation

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said that there was nothing new in BRICS declaration against Terrorist groups, insisting that China’s Policy toward Pakistan hasn’t changed.

Talking to media after visiting the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah here on Monday, Iqbal said that the declaration made by BRICS is the same as the one made at the Heart of Asia conference. There is no change in China’s policy [towards Pakistan] in [the declaration].”

“Pakistan was in attendance at the Heart of Asia conference. They have copied the declaration that was made then,” Iqbal said, adding that the Chinese government has made its commitment and friendship to Pakistan clear.

The minister added that the BRICS declaration was not against Pakistan. Rather, the declaration reinforces Pakistan’s stance that banned organizations are not accepted by the country and therefore, are not part of Pakistan’s policy.

“There is no reason to worry,” the minister said. “We have to be aware of those political elements that are trying to lead us towards anarchy,” Iqbal said, adding that “Pakistan is facing external dangers.” “These [dangers] can only be battled through internal stability and security,” the minister added. “We in close coordination with provincial governments have managed to bring under control law and order situation across the country,” he said.

The minister, however, said country was presently exposed to several other extremely serious challenges and that all measures were being adopted to counter these,” said the interior minister. In reply to a question about Ansar ul Sharia and reported rise in the interest of local youth towards proscribed organizations, Ahsan Iqbal said a collective approach is underway to address the situation.

Higher Education Commission (HEC-Pakistan) and other institutions of higher education are on board with equal attention towards revision in educational curriculum of secondary and higher school levels, he said.

Federal Ministry of Interior along with other relevant ministries were said to be presently in process of holding youth conference in Islamabad very soon. This was said to be followed across the country to help start a culture of knowledge based capacity building and leadership skills among the young participants.

In particular context of Karachi, he said Pakistan Rangers – Sindh and provincial as well as federal governments have through a unified approach restored normalcy and consequently the public confidence.

There is marked improvement in the situation with significant decline in the crime rates and incidence of terrorism,” he said. Reiterating that country has registered marked improvement in almost all spheres of life, he said 10,000 mega-watts of electricity have been added to the national grid in past four years enabling many of the closed industrial units to resume at least one to two shifts.

This, he said has direct bearing on national economy with trickle down impact on the lives of people in general. International cricket matches alongwith other sports activities were said to be a manifestation of the prudent policies adopted by the present government.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal and Governor Sindh Mohammad hold a meeting, in which law and order situation of the city and Karachi package was discussed.

According to spokesman Governor House, Both leaders agreed to keep the Karachi Operation Continued till last criminal is eliminated.

Later Interior Minister made his maiden visit of the Sindh Rangers’ headquarters in Karachi, where he was warmly received.

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