Chinese embassy opens in Nicaragua

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HAVANA, December 31st. /TASS/. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China opened on Friday in the capital of Nicaragua, the city of Managua, after the rupture of relations between the republic and Taiwan. This is reported by the agency Prensa Latina .
The ceremony was atten-ded by Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada. “Our peoples and governments are developing relations based on mutual respect for sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs, the dignity and territorial integrity of states and their right to development,” the agency quoted the diplomat as saying.
The leadership of Nicaragua on December 9 announced that the republic is breaking off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and recognizes the PRC authorities as the sole legitimate representative of China. During the first term of the presidency (1985-1990) of the leader of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, Managua already abandoned official relations with Taipei in favor of Beijing. However, with the coming to power of the next president, Violeta de Chamorro, the country restored them.

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