Chinese interested investing in Afghanistan

GHAZNI (Agencies): Local officials of the Ghazni Mines and Petroleum Department say that two Chinese firms have brought with them samples of lithium mines of the Zarkashan and Nawur districts of the Muqur district of the province.
The Chinese want to invest in these two mines, local officials of the province said.
The provincial head of Ghazni Mines and Petroleum, Mawlavi Hazrat Yusuf Sohaib, said that these two mines need millions of US dollars of investment and the extraction of these two mines can address the economic problems of the country.
According to him, 25 mines of Ghazni are still being mined and 18 new mines have been discovered in this province this year alone. The newly discovered 18 mines are marble, coal, and other precious materials, from which the extraction will begin next year.