Chinese prophecy and Western design

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The Chinese Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Zhang Jun, told the media that Russia has told China that it has no intention of invading Ukraine and the parties involved must find a solution at the negotiating table. The Chinese envoy was of the view that all countries and parties to current conflicts respect the UN resolution on the Olympic Truce.
China and Russia had settled down their differences from the cold war and established friendship in the early 21st century. Presently, their friendship agreement has completed two decades of mutual cooperation in all walks of life ranging from economy and trade to defense and security as well as in the space domain. After confronting a common foe in the shape of the United States and the EU, both nations come closer than ever. The Russians must appreciate that they slightly inform their Chinese friends about intentions regarding Ukraine, otherwise their western opponents had left no stone unturned in informing the world that Ukraine is facing serious threats to its existence after Russia’s massive military build-up at its borders. After the creation of a peculiar environment, NATO gradually transported its troops and latest arsenal in Russia’s neighborhood. Although Putin aides are continuously notifying the world that Russia has no aggressive intentions about Ukraine even though the United States and NATO had deployed their troops in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania while thousands of NATO troops along with warships and fighter jets are ready for deployment in the region at short notice. All this had been done in response to a fictional threat which never happened so far. Recently, the US has signaled that it can impose the harshest sanctions against the Russian economy, personnel as well as Russian leader Vladimir Putin if Russia does so.
Interestingly, the US and allies had created a war-hysteria and continuously carried out unparalleled steps in response to Russia’s military build-up in the garb of so-called preemptive doctrine. There are many ways to resolve the situation amicably, however, the pattern of developments is reflective of some hidden objectives in the region.

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