Chris Hemsworth is ‘blown away’ by India’s heartwarming hospitality

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LOS ANGELES: Chris Hemsworth has been ‘blown away’ by the heartwarming welcome he received in India while shooting for his movie Extraction.

The Avengers star had shared a video clip wherein a massive number of people had lined up to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood actor.

“We had such a great time in India. People were beyond welcoming. I’ve never had that kind of response. I was blown away. I thought I was Beatles or something,” the actor told PTI during an interaction with select international media on the sets of the Netflix film.

He added, “It gives you a false sense of security. I felt more important than I was. When I go back to Australia, no one really cares.”

Chris Hemsworth is sharing screen space in the film with Indian actor RandeepHooda and debutante RudhrakshJaiswal.

“With Randeep, it’s wonderful. We had three weeks of fighting each other and we both had our fair share of cuts and bruises. And actually a couple of times I nicked him, but it was by accident and I felt very embarrassed, he said describing the intense combat sequences they shot in hot weather.

“He (Randeep) wasn’t angry at me. He has been great to work with. And then we’ve had little moments of quiet dialogue.”

While opening up about his experience of working with Rudhraksh, Chris said, “Rudy is amazing. I’m blown away by that kid. The way he takes direction is better than a lot of adults… With all honesty, he had us in tears a number of times. We would be chatting and just out of nowhere he pours his heart out and I’m like, ‘I’m not supposed to be upset in this scene.’ He will have a big career. He’s very talented and just super eager to learn.”