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Presently, an interesting war of words has begun between two staunch rivals United States of America and Russian Federation regarding the Strength and effectiveness of their Intelligence Services. In that scenario, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin said that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is one of the three most powerful and authoritative intelligence services in the world, as is the SVR. Naryshkin said that Russians respect their colleagues, opponents, and partners and both CIA and SVR are in the world top three Services. SVR Chief made these remarks on the YouTube channel” Soloviev Live”, which was telecasted on the TV channel Russia-1. However, Naryshkin did not mention which service holds the top slot.

Actually, Russian Spy Chief was retorting to recent remarks of US President Joe Biden during his speech to the US Intelligence Community on July 27. While speaking to American Spy leaders Biden observed that the American Special Services are much better than the Russian ones, and this greatly worries the Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, instead of indulging himself in this verbal battle, Putin moved his right hand to refute Biden’s humiliating remarks. Apparently, Naryshkin brought a well thought and comprehensive testimony to disapprove Biden’s Comments and touched almost all important and critical issues between United States and Russia including alleged Russian interference in US elections, western nexus with Russian Opposition leader Alexi Navalny, his poisoning, protests, and political unrest in Russia. According to Naryshkin, Russia respects the fact that the CIA has a very experienced operational staff and very thoughtful analysts. Russian Spy Chief noted that Russians know the CIA’s strengths, and know their own strengths. While comparing both Services, Naryshkin said that the CIA has financial and other resources probably ten times more than the budget of the SVR. Naryshkin cited the famous Russian General Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, that Russians win not by numbers, but by skill.

The two big rivals had reached at the highest level of their rivalry and started self-admiration instead of competing with each other in all available avenues and letting the world and events decide their worth. However, if Biden toasted Russia to buck up his officers during the address, Putin must display some restraint and statesman spirit because Politicians usually take such positions at certain occasions to boost their men. As far as Intelligence work and Intelligence Services are concerned, this business runs on money, men, and technology and the CIA possesses all these major assets of the Intelligence field. In fact, CIA owns all requisite resources many times greater than SVR rather than all other Intelligence Services of the world. Apparently, the CIA internal wing is too sluggish due to which SVR remained successful in penetrating into US government and private entities and tactfully manipulated its areas of interests. However, Russian side displayed its weakness on the propaganda front. On other hand, despite the confined environment and limited political space in the Russian Society, the CIA was able to engage Navalny and create chaos in the Country. As a matter of fact, all Intelligence Services depend on their leadership and head of the state, otherwise, Special Services become paralyze, handicap and impotent if not backed by the Political leadership of the country as CIA was during the Trump era. However, it is informed to both Special Services CIA and SVR that ups, and downs are part of the game, however sportsman spirit must always remain high to reach the victory stand.

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