CJ holds judges responsible for delay in dispensing justice

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Saqib Nasir on Friday held judges responsible for delays in providing justice to the people despite receiving hefty salaries.

“Delay in the provision of justice is because the judges are not fulfilling their responsibilities,” the chief justice said in an event at Lahore. “As many as Rs55,000 is daily spent on a judge from the national exchequer.”

He said that there is a need for introspection within the judiciary on streamlining justice delivery system.

The chief justice said that unfortunately today the basic rights of citizenship and ownership are not secured for the people of Pakistan.

“People like Mansha Bomb are involved in land grabbing. I was unable to find solutions on issues which I have taken notice of,” he said, adding that the reason behind taking notice was to create awareness.

“I hope that the government play their mandated role so that the judiciary doesn’t have to take action,” he added.

The chief justice said that decisions will be as according to the constitution irrespective how big the business group is present before the judiciary.

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