CJ Seth launches File Tracking System in PHC

Humayun Khan

PESHAWAR: The Chief Justice (CJ) of Peshawar High Court (PHC) Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth launched File Tracking System (FTS) to promote digitalization and realizing concept of paperless office, on Saturday.

The establishment of File Tracking System is a step in the direction of realizing the concept of a paperless office. The solution is a simulation of the movement of physical files in electronic form. The system will enable fast file movement, its retrieval, and track the location of the files swiftly within the organization.

The existing manual file work system, requiring greater human effort, is deficient on many counts. Peshawar High Court, realizing the importance of good office, management trained its staff in Office Management Procedure.

While embarking on a journey to make offices paperless with no more piles of files, Peshawar High Court started the scanning off record of all the wings as a short-term measure. The e-File Tracking System (FTS), a web-based application, would enable officers and employees to maintain a consistent watch over the movement of various important files and receipts at different levels in the process of decision making. The system will bring transparency, visibility, in time check & balance and proper follow up procedures to official work.

The Peshawar High Court is committed to use the innovative technologies and convert the existing business processes of the High Court to digital form for better service delivery.

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