CJP Calling dam fund as begging is shameful act

CJP: Calling dam fund as begging is shameful act

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ISLAMABAD: The Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar remarked that people who said, “We are begging for the construction of dams should be ashamed of themselves as its a national cause not an individual’s”.

“We started the fund in the name of patriotism and working on a self-help basis is not begging,” CJ stated while hearing a case pertaining early construction of Punjab Kidney and Liver Institute at Lahore.

“The construction of dam is in national interests and we are gathering funds for it. Those criticizing the move are dishonorable.”

Narrow minded people have such thinking, opponents could not find anything else to criticize so they did nothing else, CJ added.

On other hand, the contractor’s lawyer Naeem Bukhari submitted recent pictures of the PKLI hospital and some recommendations before the bench.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar said that the hospital’s construction will be completed in four months.

Chief Justice remarked that the institute has become a unique department of Pakistan therefore, hurdles will not be created in its way.

Saqib Nisar mentioned that the contractor of PKLI development works gave offer to construct dam in 25 per cent low cost from the original cost.

“I told contractor for complete cost in written form after calculations.”

The CJP informed that funds were spent on dams through committee, adding that the committee will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday) after consultations with all members.

Remarking about the tax deduction from mobile cards case, the top judge questioned why the government did not legislate till now.

He further said that those taxes have not come in the net, asking why the taxes taking from them. The chief justice said that all cases should be appointed on the basis of merit. The court demanded a list from FBR regarding the twenty cases related to the billions of tax.

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