Clashes continues among forces and Taliban at Jawzjan province

F.P. Report

KABUL: The clashes between the armed militants and the Afghan security forces were underway in the Khamab district of Jawzjan province of Afghanistan.

The initial reports from the battle area indicated that the militants took control of the most area of government compound and local bazaar but the officials denied the reports so far.

The reports also added that large number of causalities of security forces and both the armed militants during the clashes as heavy weapons were used from both sides on each other to win the battle.

Nasratullat Jamshedi, a spokesperson of Afghan army said to media that the clash was started when the armed militants attack on the forces early in the morning.  More troops were deployed and airstrikes are also being conducted on the militant’s positions.

In the recent years the security situation becoming worsen day by day in Jaqzjan province after the frequently attacks from both the Taliban and fighters affiliated with ISIS terrorist group.

The security situation in Jawzjan province has started to deteriorate during the recent years with the rampant insurgency led both by the Taliban insurgents as well as the militants affiliated with the ISIS terrorist group.

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