Clashes in gold-rich area of Sudan leave 1 dead

Mohammed Amin

KHARTOUM: A miner was killed and five others were injured in clashes that erupted on Monday in a gold-rich area of Sudan’s northern River Nile State, according to local government officials.

Abdul Moneim al-Saim, commissioner of the Barbar locality in which the incident occurred, attributed the clashes to a dispute over land.

“Clashes erupted between a Russian company working in the area and local miners who claimed ownership of the area,” al-Saim told state television.

The clashes, he added, had left six miners wounded, one of whom later succumbed to his injuries.

“We still don’t know who fired on the miners — police or guards employed by the Russian company,” al-Saim said.

“Local authorities are still investigating the incident.”

According to the owner of a local mine in the area, the situation was still tense.

“If the government doesn’t intervene soon, clashes could break out again at any moment,” he told Anadolu Agency, speaking anonymously due to the situation’s sensitivity.

According to estimates, more than four million Sudanese work in the country’s informal mining sector.

About 170 mining firms are currently active in 12 of Sudan’s 15 states, according to the Sudanese Mining Ministry. (AA)