Clearing confusion in the commentary box

Written by The Frontier Post

Parvez Jamil

Commentators and expert commentators, honestly and humbly speaking, seem to be harping to the tunes of such vagueness or ambiguity that leave listeners and viewers in a lurch.

During comments they would burst into meaningless laughters overshadowing whatever little sense inquisitive audience is endeavoring to make out of their roaring idiot boxes.

They may casually mention or make passing comment on the playing eleven but people are desperately   interested to know that whether their favorite ones are included in the team!

What is not regularly and prominently highlghted in batting is score card, current average and runs required and bowling figures of each bowler as one has to wait long to hear or see the very latest.

Past records are important to be mentioned but it is overtaxing and boring with unnecessary details of the yesteryears and depriving the engrossed public of the currrent match.

Our commentators need to check and curb the tendency of two or more speaking simultaneously or at the  same time mixing things up and confusing the listeners or viewers.

Experts need to identify bat sloggers and skillful ones, bowl waywards and accurate ones,  fielding lapses or loopholes, tips for management, morale-boosting interviews of captain and players indeed.

All said and done it has to be borne in mind that responsible commentary also includes guidance of management and player indeed. Commentary

experts are expected to rise over and above self, need to be truly non-partisan and counsel team and management with winning vim, vigor and vitality.

Amid such guidance, “InshaAllah”, exemplary skill, stamina, speed and above all, sportsmanship, will make our cricketers world go round.

The writer professes in Higher Education and Corporate Communication and writes human-interest articles for media on national and world affairs.

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