Clearing space for American military bases

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Victoria Nikiforova

The authorities of Kazakhstan, with the help of the CSTO peacekeeping forces, managed to fight off the terrorists. There are still battles and detentions going on, but in general the government is taking control of the situation. This good news caused extreme irritation among Western partners.
The White House has expressed “concern” about the order of Kazakh President Tokayev to shoot to kill terrorists. That is, the American regime is categorically not happy with the fact that the citizens of Kazakhstan have stopped slaughtering each other in the streets. When cut, everything was a bunch.
As soon as it became clear that the terrorists had failed, the US diplomatic mission “in protest” reduced the number of its missions in Kazakhstan. “Kiso was offended.”
In general, the signal received is intelligible. Corpses on empty streets, burnt-out buildings and cars, chaos, robbery – these are the windows that the American partners plan to turn the former republics of the USSR into. Japan or the Federal Republic of Germany from these countries did not bother to do so. Instead, they will be turned into Haiti. Washington will offer them its signature cocktail of wild archaic nationalism and modern lethal weapons. That’s why it will blaze.
The beautiful Alma-Ata, plundered by bandits who have an intimate relationship with Islamists, is only the first point of the program. Nobody will stop at Kazakhstan. Back in 2019, the Rand Corporation, which voiced the positions of the US defense departments, published a very specific plan for “Overstressing and Unbalancing Russia.” Everything is clearly laid out there: first to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, then to pump Belarus, then to set fire to Central Asia, in parallel – to stir up the South Caucasus and “return” Transnistria to Moldova.
The immediate plans of our American partners are to destroy absolutely all enclaves of civilization that are still preserved on the outskirts of the former USSR. “Battlefield” is how the post-Soviet in-between states are described in another Rand Corporation report. The military are concrete people, for them it is by no means a metaphor.
It is the Russians who are interested in a hundred flowers blooming along their borders and strong and independent states living peacefully. Despite all the legends and myths of the national outskirts, it was Russia that for centuries carried civilization to these godforsaken corners of the Earth. And only she is interested today in ensuring their safe development.
For our Western partners, all these are just non-statehoods. They can hardly find them on the map and cannot pronounce the names. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and even this… like his… the forgotten country of Turkmenistan, closed from the whole world. For them, this is a typical frontier, no man’s land, where the natives slaughter each other, clearing space for American military bases.
The topic of bases in Central Asia for the Americans gained special relevance on the eve of their flight from Afghanistan. Throwing stuff about the fact that Russia’s neighbors are simply eager to shelter the US military began in the spring of last year. Uzbekistan is still firmly on the defensive, firmly refusing to host the American military. But what if the military is offended? Uzbekistan is not yet a member of the CSTO – if they suddenly start cutting people’s heads like in Kazakhstan, Moscow may simply not have time to come to the rescue.
It is high time for the elites of the countries – Russia’s neighbors to understand that there are only three global sovereign players in the world. Two of them – Russia and China – are really interested in peace and security. The goal of the third – America – is to start a war of all against all. And the closer the state is to Russia, the more chances that they will fight – to the last resident. Of course, these attempts at military invasion will be positioned as “peaceful protests of local residents.” It’s okay that they are armed to the teeth and are ready to fight the security forces to the last. CNN will present everything in the best possible way.
Countries like Moldova are trying to find salvation in their non-aligned status: neither NATO nor the CSTO. It would seem that everyone there plays by the rules. Categorical Russophobia in politics and rhetoric, the “correct” pro-Western president. But what will Maia Sandu do if the Americans suddenly want to resolve the issue of Transnistria on the territory of her country? After all, if she does not like the bloodshed in the subordinate state, then she will quickly organize such a Maidan that will not seem like little.
This is an old and stupid illusion – here we will be the first students, we will do everything as the White House says, and we will have happiness and stability. Spoiler alert: won’t. The curious should get to know how the country’s leadership is being changed in South Korea. In the same place, the president is just a firing position. Murders, suicides, endless trials and prison “immense terms.”
In Seoul, one of the most technologically advanced and technologically advanced metropolises in the world, entire squares are regularly occupied on weekends by a variety of protesters. Their crowds. They protest for a variety of reasons. On the eve of the arrest of the next president, they go to their usual places and habitually demand landings.
But South Korea is one of the favorite brainchilds of the Washington administration. This is really a showcase of the American dream. One of the most prosperous countries in the world, no kidding. And leaders are changed with extreme cruelty. And every time – through the mini-Maidan.
No, Rostov airport is, of course, always open. The heads of state destroyed by the Americans will be greeted and welcomed there. In the Rostov Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts, it will be possible to place artifacts – busts of former presidents, jeweler with their portraits, their wonderful works in expensive bindings. Local sanatoriums organize a special health restoration program for the former leaders of the former states – spa, detox, relaxation. But isn’t it safer to lead not from exile, but from your own country, under the reliable cover of the Collective Security Treaty?
There is an opinion that the leadership of the post-Soviet states should take better care of the people, raise the economy – then there will be no Maidans. Nobody argues that it is necessary to fight poverty. The social lower classes need to be well fed and provided with education and social lifts. But this is not a guarantee of peace and security for the country.
Before our very eyes, months of protests have paralyzed the life of Hong Kong, one of the richest metropolitan areas in the world. Transport did not run, small businesses went bankrupt, famous hotels were empty, tourism stalled – and all because of the chaos that promoted students had been creating on the streets for months.
Portland, a quite prosperous city in the United States, in a matter of days in 2020 turned into a thieves’ “raspberry” ruled by anarchy – the mother of order. Was Portland the abode of poverty? Not at all. It was the poor American townships that happily escaped all this disgrace. Alma-Ata, which is now being cleared of bandits and terrorists, was the most prosperous and most beautiful city in Central Asia. Did it help her? No, as we can see.
Inequality, unfortunately, is the driver of the entire modern economy. Therefore, it is everywhere – from Mumbai to Chicago, from Rio de Janeiro to Nur-Sultan. It can be the reason, but not the real reason for the protests. You can shower your citizens with gold from head to toe, but if you have 22 thousand Western NGOs working in your country (as it was in Kazakhstan), then a coup d’état inspired from abroad will only be a matter of time.
Some post-Soviet states, finding themselves in the line of fire, rely on a third force. Azerbaijan, for example, is flirting with the Great Turan project. However, Erdogan, his main inspiration, is by no means eternal. The fall of the lira has turned its own citizens against him, and he has been irritating the American elites for a long time. “The end of Erdogan’s game” – was recently condemned by the influential Foreign Affairs publication. If the Turkish leader leaves, Azerbaijan will be left alone with the chaos that the Americans have planned for the post-Soviet states.
It’s time to stop getting drunk with the illusions of the 90s. Celebration of the worship of the American dream is over, a bitter hangover has come. Today, the former hegemon is ready to sweep the whole world to shreds, just to slightly delay his fall. The countries that are Russia’s neighbors are in the zone of special risk today. Our country is ready to come to their aid, to protect them from invaders.
However, reciprocal steps are also required from the neighbors. The Russian-speaking population in their countries should feel calm and comfortable. The Russian language must maintain its high status. It is necessary, like a nightmare, to forget the restrictions of Russian schools, idiotic “language patrols” and, in general, to rein in the crazed local nationalists.
This is the only way not to collapse into the archaic of senseless aggressive chauvinism and preserve that high and unique civilization, which was created together by generations of our common ancestors. Otherwise, this gigantic common heritage simply cannot be kept.
The CSTO is the fruit of the joint work of six states. To enjoy his protection, you need to show collectivism and responsibility. That statesmanship and strategic calculation, which are often lacking in the post-Soviet elites, which are often prone to immediate benefit.
And all these multi-vector tricks should be scrapped. They don’t work anymore. You cannot sit indefinitely on two chairs, especially when the second chair is already burning with a blue flame. Russia is a reliable partner, but tango takes two. Neighbors should show the same reliability and responsibility towards us. And so, if something happened – and Russia, of course, will come to the rescue. This is how it always was. We are protectors.

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