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Khaleeq Nazar Kiani

Voting will be held on Monday in the Balochistan Provincial assembly on the no-confidence motion tabled by the estranged MPAs of the Balochistan Awami Party against their president and Chief Minister Jam Kamal Kh-an Alyani. Very interestingly they only made responsible Chief Mini-ster of water, gas, electricity shortages, economic crises, unemployment and completely absolved the-mselves despite being part of the Government for the last three years holding i-mportant ministries. Inte-restingly the corruption charges are not leveled perhaps to the fear that the people may also ask the question from them.

The first no-confidence motion submitted by the 16 opposition members on 14 September was returned by the Governor on technical grounds. At that time few lawmakers from BAP openly showed their resentment and supported the opposition stance. Just 17 days back the rebel parliamentarians of BAP took the driving seat and announced the submission of the no-confidence motion against Jam Kamal.

It may be a coincidence that in the same days, the army establishment made significant transfers/postings including the ISI chief. Prime Minister withheld the notification of spy chief till now and the problem is going deep. Ministers are trying to keep the matter away from the media hype. The majority of the ministers’ lot is worried about the stalemate in their private conversation and one media clip of Waseem Badami with the Interior Minister is viral in which the host is trying to take him online and minister oblivion of the situation is talking about the senses of the Prime Minister with someone. In the last 17 days, PML-N hold a jalsa in the Faisalabad Dohbi Ghat and Nawaz Sharif demanded the resignation of Spy Chief. For the last three days, the banned Tahrik-E-Labaik is again active and in a violent mood. Till now two policemen have lost their lives. Balochistan’s political scenario is grimmer in the last 17 days. Ev-ery political worker knows the birth of the Balochistan Awami Party which was cr-eated just a few weeks b-efore the 2018 general election. How prominent political houses of Balochistan were brought under the B-AP umbrella. Traditionally the electable of Balochistan toe the line of establishm-ent and the political parties are for introduction without any commitment. There is an opinion that the establishment has two power centers that’s why BAP is also divided into two grou-ps. Each power center is su-pporting its own group with every tactic. The media talk of General (R) Abdul Qadir was a surprise for many w-hen he said that PPP in Bal-ochistan will support the no-confidence motion and its only member Nawab Sanaullah Zehri will side with the opposition. Nawab Sanaullah Zehri and Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal (head of the largest opposition party in the Balochistan assembly) have deep tribal/local differences and they generally avoid standing on one platform. There must be some push from power circles that bowed him to accept this unpleasant announcement.

To avert the crises and seek the support of PTI, Jam Kamal met with the Prime Minister who assured him the support but unexpectedly the situation has gone worse and more members decided to join the opposition camp. The past record tells us that change starts from Balochistan and ends in Islamabad. Still, the situation is not clear and four lawmakers from the opposition camp were absent on the resolution day. If both the power centers stick to their stance then it will be a close contest and in case of patch up the pawns will be in an embarrassing situation.

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