Clerics called for inclusion of women in coming gathering

KABUL (TOLOnews): Several clerics and civil rights’ activists said that the coming gathering of Islamic scholars.
The participants at a gathering called women’s inclusion in the Loya Jirga “important” and said that the gathering will be meaningless if no women were not included in it.
In Islam “women are provided with their basic rights. The male and female clerics have the vital role to announce awareness of women’s rights through mosques so women can be provided with their rights,” said Bibi Amri, a university instructor.
“If in this gathering various sectors including clerics and elites are not consulted, it will bring a situation that will not be tolerated by the people,” said Mohammad Sarwar Sarwari, a member of Nuhzat-e-Ulema of Afghanistan.
The organizers of the gathering issued a resolution calling on the Islamic Emirate government to include women in the gathering.
“The gathering in which women are absent… will not be fair. The civil society and men and women clerics relevant to the civil society who are not part of the politics and act as a contact bridge between the Islamic Emirate the people of Afghanistan, their inclusion is necessary in the gathering,” said a statement presented by some at Tuesday’s gathering.
“As we speak, based on the clerics’ view, it means we are talking in accordance with Sharia, so which type of policy has the Islamic Emirate considered which is beyond Islam?” said Sitara Sadat, a civil rights activist.
The residents of Kabul province expressed hopes that the gathering will bring positive results for Afghanistan.
“There is no work in this country. These issues should be discussed. Our sisters and mothers are jobless,” said Mohammad Javid, a resident of Kabul.
“We hope the result of this gathering benefits the people of Afghanistan so this gathering can solve the challenges and problems of the people, thus we can keep our trust in such gatherings,” said Mohammad Islam Sanjar, a resident of Kabul.
The international community linked the recognition of the current Afghan government to the upholding of human rights and women’s rights in the country.