Click and collect advice on food to help recover from Covid-19

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Eating advice for people recovering from Covid-19 is now available online.

The Recovery Knowledge Hub, external, launched by the University of Plymouth, asks people about their current diet and offers tips and ideas to improve it.

The hub is aimed at everyone who wants advice, from the public to professionals and it is free, said the university.

“Eating the right diet is crucial to keep well physically and mentally, and a key part of recovery from Covid-19 is to make sure your diet is healthy,” said Mary Hickson, professor in dietetics at the university. 

Its creation follows a series of lectures hosted by the university about Covid-19 and nutrition and is backed by the British Dietetic Association.

“Covid-19 has changed everyone’s lives, so the more we can do to educate and get this information out there, the better,” said Prof Hickson.

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