Climate change and human survival

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has urged the international community to help Pakistan in rehabilitation and reconstruction for millions of flood-affected people, and play a judicious role to improve the resilience and adaptability of the Pakistani nation.

The Pakistani nation observed the National Day of Resilience on October 5, which remembers us of the fateful earthquake that occurred about 17 years ago and inflicted inundated losses and put unforgottenable marks in our memories.

The recurrent seasonal calamities and recent torrential flooding again refreshed our memories and confirmed the experts’ forecast that Pakistan lies on the faultline and occupies the 7th slot in the most vulnerable nations in the Climate Risk Index.

Due to its geographical location and climate-induced weather, Pakistan had witnessed multiple natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, floods, Glacial Lakes Outburst Floods (GLOF) events, cloud bursts, unprecedented rainfalls, and severe heat waves, along with forest fires in the past.

In fact, Climate Change is a universal commination to the entire world, while the calamity trembling Pakistan today can hit any other nation tomorrow. Therefore, the whole world must play its due role in combating this catastrophe, because this battle is for the survival of humanity instead of any particular nation or geographical zone.