Climate change has deep impacts on every aspect: VC

Shafiuddin Shafqi

KARAK: Vice Chancellor Khushal Khan Khattak University Karak (KKKUK) Professor Dr Jehan Bakht has said the climate change has deep impacts on every aspect of our life and underlined the need of growing more forests on vast lands of the country.

He was addressing to a day-long awareness workshop held here on Monday at University with the collaboration of climate change center of Agriculture University Peshawar on title of “Awareness on impact of climate change on water and crops at district Karark” and the workshop was attended by the officers of agriculture department, Water Management and Forest officers and farmers of the district.

The vice chancellor further said that unchecked very rapid chopping of trees creating the serious problem of deforestation in the country and added that this phenomenon has far reaching negative effects on the climate of the country. Dr Bakht further said there should be 24 percent forests in a healthy society and regretted that there was only 3 percent forest in our country which was far below the standard. He stressed that it was the responsibility of every sensible Pakistani to grow more trees to make safe and secure the future of coming generations.

He cautioned that natural resources of water were swiftly vanishing in the world and said that the country was drawing towards water scarce; therefore, people should use water in their houses very carefully.

He appreciated the move of Agriculture University of holding such a useful awareness workshop in the University. On the occasion water specialist of Agriculture University Professor Dr Jamal Khattak warned that the situation of scare of water in district Karak has reached to alarming proportion and claimed that Tehsil Banda Daud Shah of district Karak 73 percent water was misfit for human consumption.

He added that likewise the Tehsil Takht-e-Nusrati 10 percent water was not useable and added that underground water resources were turning brackish very speedily due to the salt mines ranges situated in the district. Khattak underlined the need of introducing such a seeds of corps which could tolerate the harsh conditions of weathers. He stressed on the construction of small dams, ponds and plantation on large scale to cope with the scarcity of water in days to come and added that they should sorted out the all possible ways of preservation of water.

Khattak warned that the glaciers in the world were melting very rapidly and resultantly the level of occasions and seas were increasing swiftly which have increased the fears of damages to the coastal populations. He stressed on the Universities to take serious the issues of climate change and added that the higher educational institutions should focus on the resolution of the problems being faced by local populations. On the occasion director of climate change of Agriculture University Professor Dr Zulfiqar and Professor Dr Shahid Sattar also spoke to the workshop on the subject and added that the purpose of the workshop was to sensitize the people about the effects of climate change.