Climate change faced Pakistanis with floods

Najeed Ullah Khan

Unusual weather patterns experiencing people to the catastrophic situations. This all happened due to climatic changes, because the earth’s mean temperature has risen up to 1.5°C that increased the evaporation from the earth’s surface causing a greater level of precipitation. It has also affected the rain patterns.

These heavy rains have caused floods in different parts of the world. Pakistan ranks fifth in the list of countries that are vulnerable to these climatic changes. The phenomenon like flooding occurred almost every year, so floods are common. However, sometimes these floods become harsh causing huge damages which people experienced every year. The frequency of such floods was low in the past years but now it has increased.

Unfortunately, this year floods harshly hit different areas of Pakistan. Hundreds of people have lost their homes, it was more damaging for the infrastructure like roads, buildings and other installations. In past, these floods were hit the rural areas in which it damaged the crops, livestock, forests etc. But now it is common in the urban areas of Pakistan as well. We are having a big example of flooded Karachi and other cities as well.

Many developed countries had tackled the flooding by making water reservoirs and dams which helped in controlling the floods, however, we are unable to control them fully.

It seems that the flooding will increase and even can be more destructive in the future. Sadly, people’s ignorance of climate change and poor governance pulled Pakistan into this troubled. Political leaders have stucked in political vision and busy in pushing one another against the wall and this vicious cycle would continue. There is a need to work on two strategies: the first one, we have to focus on climate change , and the second one, we need fully flood management system.