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Climate change launches Green Pakistan Stamp

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Islamabad: A small ceremony was arranged at Ministry of Climate Change to launch Green Pakistan Program stamp. Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan was chief guest at the ceremony. Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan said at the occasion that diversity of landscapes and climates in Pakistan allow a wide variety of trees and animals to flourish.

However, these suffer due to increasing population and climate change. He further added share of public investment through federal and provincial governments is quite low.  Resultantly, efforts made towards mitigation, do not commensurate with the rate of deterioration occurring in natural resources of the country.

He further added Prime Minister of Pakistan expressed serious concern on high rate of deforestation and rapid decrease in wildlife population of the country.

Accordingly, the “Green Pakistan Program for reviving forestry and wildlife resources in the country started on 9th February, 2017. He also said the program on Revival of Forest Resources has an estimated cost of Rs.3.652 billion, whereas that on wildlife is Rs.1.065 billion. Since a large scale national program has been launched on making the country green hence it required commemoration at national level.

He further highlighted that inauguration of commemorative stamp mark the completion of one year of the Green Pakistan Program. The 300,000stamps printed on the occasion will be distributed within and outside the country by postal service of Pakistan. It will give a softer image of Pakistan to the international community. He also highlighted that Climate change is a very grave issue that requires awareness among masses. Today, ago we launched “Ghar Ghar Aik Shajar” door to door plantation campaign keeping in view the awareness need. I am standing with all departments of ministry in a good cause.

The Inspector General Forest Syed Mehmood Nasir also highlighted at the occasion that Green Pakistan Program is playing an active role in increasing forest cover of Pakistan. It is a great initiative to combat climate change.

The Postal representative said that these are commemorative stamps will be sent to embassies and International postal union.

The ceremony was attended by Parliamentary Secretary to Climate Change Ms.Romeena Khursheed Alam officers of postal department, forestry, Green Pakistan Program, Dr. Ghulam Rasool, and other officers of Ministry of Climate Change Green Pakistan program was launched on 9th feburary, 2017 when then, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif inaugurated by planting a tree at Prime Minister office.

The first anniversary was celebrated by planting a tree at Prime Minister office on 9th Feburary, 2018.


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