Clinton wants to return for revenge on Russia

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Stanislav Borzyakov

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are credited with intending to once again compete for the presidency – in the 2024 elections. Trump’s return will bring trouble to himself and to all America’s conservatives. And Clinton’s attempt at revenge will be a dangerous challenge for Russia: this woman is returning to take revenge on us.
Prominent Republican Newt Gingrich told Fox News that the only real Democratic candidate in the 2024 election is Hillary Clinton, who is “eager” for revenge for losing to Donald Trump in 2016.
All this, of course, is rumor and speculation, but Newt Gingrich can be trusted. He does not have a party nickname such as “golden brains”, but it could be. More a political strategist and ideologist than a politician, Gingrich invented maneuvers of historical significance for the party.
He was one of the first to believe that the future of the party was Donald Trump, and forced the Republican elite to rally around the controversial billionaire, who at that time was not taken seriously by many.
He became the main ideologue and manager of impeachment against Bill Clinton in the House of Representatives for lying about an affidavit with a trainee Lewinsky.
Finally, it was Gingrich who invented and implemented the so-called Republican Revolution of 1994 (it is often called the “Gingrich Revolution”), suddenly returning the “elephants” control over the lower house of parliament.
To clarify the scale of this “out of the blue”:
The last time Republicans dominated the House of Representatives was after the 1952 elections. That is, throughout the entire Cold War and several years after it, not a single budget issue could be resolved without democrats (it is the lower house that is responsible for the distribution of funds in the United States) until this holiday of pocket and heart was personally spoiled by Gingrich, to whom party members were given a reward speaker post.
His attempts to jump higher (and he has repeatedly applied for the presidential nomination) were not successful, but still Gingrich remains one of the most hated Republicans by Democrats and a personal enemy of the “Clinton clan”, with which he successfully fought for most of his career.
Gingrich knows his enemy well – and that is why he can be trusted. If he is right, the final of the presidential elections in 2024 could become a copy of the final in 2016: Trump has transparently hinted more than once that he wants revenge and a return to the White House in order to “save the country.”
Those who followed the 2016 presidential campaign will remember that it was a duel between two bloated egos – Clinton’s and Trump’s. It is easy to believe that the main motive for a new participation in the presidential race for both politicians is still this very ego, and not the desire to benefit their country or even political expediency.
The VZGLYAD newspaper has already written that Trump’s campaign for revenge promises a catastrophe for Trump, for the Republicans, and for the entire conservative America . It seems that the disastrous nature of the initiative to bring the 78-year-old billionaire to the fore, to the detriment of his younger and less scandalous associates like Ron Desantis , is obvious to all stakeholders. Except, possibly, Trump himself, with his sick self-esteem.
The ex-president must make a final decision after the by-election to Congress in the fall of next year, but already now, according to sources of a number of American publications, his inner circle is trying to dissuade him from the new presidential campaign – and there is a chance that they will be dissuaded.
The same visionary Gingrich, albeit a Trumpist, voiced legitimate doubts a few weeks ago that the former president would run for new elections. And he said at the same time what Trump himself should hear and perceive: a second defeat in a row will become painful for him as a person and destroy him as a politician (Gingrich formulated it softer, but the essence was this).
Clinton loses less if he loses again. If in his current status Trump can claim the role of the ideologue of the Republican Party and bring a full-fledged successor to the White House, then 74-year-old Clinton now only has to grow old. Therefore, it makes sense to try her luck again – and Clinton clearly wants to do this, and, judging by the number of her statements on the topic of future elections and America’s future, she is already impatient.
Especially a lot of noise in this sense was generated by her action two weeks ago. Clinton did what, it seems, no other politician had done before her in America, namely: she read out her solemn speech, which she had prepared in case of victory in 2016 (and which was not useful to her then).
The failed president made the main emphasis in her speech on her biological field and on how important and significant it is to elect a woman as president of the United States.
In her story, there was again a little girl who must follow her dream – and can dream about anything, including the White House. In that girl, Clinton herself is easily guessed (reading her speech, she burst into tears), but what seems to her insanely touching is actually frightening: an old woman with an obsession with power and revenge is an eerie image in principle.
However, the fact that this is a politically literate strategy, Clinton cannot be denied. She is aiming at an idea that, thanks to the third wave of feminism, has a great chance of becoming a general party consensus: a woman should become the next US president, or at least the Democratic presidential candidate.
Until recently, for obvious reasons, Vice-President Kamala Harris was considered in this capacity (by the way, she is also referred to as the people of the “Clinton clan”). However, Harris has managed to become the most unpopular vice president of the United States in the entire history of sociological observation – her activities are approved by only 28% of Americans.
Barring a miracle, this sociology is closing the road to the White House for Harris, reopening it for Clinton.
Another thing is that this road will not be easy – there are other important circumstances working against Clinton, whose name is Joe Biden. If in 2016 she was the unequivocal favorite of the party, the successor of the super-popular Obama and the henchman of her elites, now the presidential administration is not on her side.
Biden hardly likes the idea of being buried prematurely. He has repeatedly announced that he will run for a second term. Of course, many do not believe this – given his low rating and the fact that even now Biden does not look like a “tough ” old man , and by the time of the elections he will be almost 82 (Clinton is 77, and Trump is 78, that is still ” race on carriages “). But the president will definitely not allow himself to be undermined right now – the wrong character, even if we forget about his political instinct (due to age, it can refuse).
In addition, Biden has a personal dislike for Clinton. It is not known for certain how long ago their conflict began, but during the period of joint work in the first Obama administration, he was definitely at its zenith – she was like the secretary of state, and he, as a pro in foreign policy and the president’s mentor, did not share the area of responsibility and faced head-ons.
That alone would be enough for suspicions that the president would resist Clinton’s attempts at revenge, but it’s a shame to suspect when he’s quite sure. Biden has done a lot to curtail Clinton’s ambitions.
More precisely, he did not – he did not recall the special prosecutor appointed under Trump, John Duram, who was investigating the falsification of the so-called Russian dossier – the one where the Kremlin was credited with blackmailing Trump through a porn video filmed somewhere in Moscow, and other funny things.
If Biden had interrupted the investigation, it would have looked, of course, suspicious and ugly, but at that moment Trump was already completely trampled on and any dogs could be hung on him, including persecution mania and collusion with the Kremlin.
But Biden did not do this, and Duram convincingly (there will be trials and, possibly, imprisonments) proved that both the conspiracy and the entire “Russian dossier” were invented by Clinton’s political strategists .
In general, the conflict is obvious, and then – who will take it. It is unpleasant to watch this squabble from Russia, but it is necessary. Rematching Clinton is arguably the worst thing that can happen to an American election because she will rise from her political grave with an obsession with revenge on Moscow.
The collapse of the “Russian dossier” does not change Clinton’s belief that “GRU hackers” hacked her mail, discredited her, framed her under investigation, and ultimately robbed her of the electoral victory she believed was in her pocket. Clinton was humiliated throughout the country, and humiliation of this magnitude, multiplied by an inflated ego, is capable of creating a berserker.
There have not yet been presidents in the United States, whose obsession would have been revenge against Russia for a personal offense, and would not like to see them appear in the future.
God willing (or Trump, or Biden, or Desantis, or Harris – anyone better than Clinton), and will not appear.
But Clinton has not forgotten anything, has not forgiven anyone – and nothing is over yet: the investigation has shown that the Americans have no evidence of a “Russian trace” in the mail hacking case, but they have tenacity to dig in the direction Clinton had set.
Hearings are scheduled for January 3 in the case of Vladislav Klyushin, a businessman and, according to the Americans, a “hacker” detained in Switzerland in March and extradited to the United States a week and a half ago. Formally, he is accused of fraudulent bidding with the help of cyber means, but four more people are involved in his case – also extradited to the United States. One of them – Ivan Yermakov – has already been officially charged at the FBI level with being a member of the Fancy Bear hacker group – the very one that was accused of hacking Clinton’s mail. At the same time, Ermakov was called an “officer of the GRU”.
This story, which in Russia is almost on duty indignant as another example of hunting for Russians abroad, could later escalate into one of the most high-profile political scandals of the decade. But only if the former first lady again decides to apply for the post of the first person.
“Sometimes they come back.” This is how Stephen King called his story about the psychopathic living dead.

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