CM: PTI govt set KP on track for development

F.P. Report
PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has stated that public-friendly policies, sincere leadership and investment in human capital by the incumbent provincial government have set the province on track for development.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province will not only play a greater role in the national economy but will also become a role model for the establishment of an Islamic welfare state in the near future. The government has adopted a comprehensive strategy for uniform development of the province to ensure long-term and sustainable development.
In a statement issued from the Chief Ministers secretariat, Mahmood Khan maintained that despite daunting challenges, the incumbent provincial government made the merger of the tribal districts a success story and has launched a comprehensive development strategy to compensate for the decades of exploitation of the tribal people.
However, the stoppage of development funds and other budgeted transfers by the incumbent federal cabinet has raised serious concerns and fears of continued exploitation have resurfaced among the people of the merged districts. He added that the provincial government is working beyond its capacity and is even spending billions of rupees from the provincial kitty to sustain the developmental initiatives in erstwhile FATA. However, the federal government should fulfill its responsibilities and honor its commitments by providing the due financial share on a priority basis. Non-payment or delay of development funds for merged districts is causing financial problems for the provincial government and is setting back the development of the erstwhile FATA.
The Chief Minister said that we can never be successful without uniform development of the entire province, for which investment in every district and sector is indispensable. Short-term measures are imperative to provide immediate relief to the people, which are a permanent part of the provincial government’s strategy. However, long-term planning is essential for all time solution of basic issues and sustainable development. The incumbent provincial government has adopted long-term initiatives in all sectors which are yielding positive results, adding that the PTI government has developed tourism as an industry due to which Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has become a tourist destination not only for domestic but also for international tourists, which will play a key role in strengthening the country’s economy in the near future.
Similarly, several steps have been taken for the development of the industrial sector on modern lines along with undertaking reforms to provide a conducive business environment and attract investors. The provincial government has not only rehabilitated sick industrial units but has also taken steps for the establishment of new industrial zones. Mahmood Khan maintained that development of the industrial sector guarantees greater employment opportunities, whereas promotion of ease of doing business has made the province a favorite destination for national and international investors seeking the establishment of small and large industrial units.
Touching upon the initiatives taken in the education and health sectors, the Chief Minister said that deficiencies of staff and other resources in government schools and hospitals have been addressed due to which service delivery has improved significantly. The Chief Minister concluded that we can never succeed as a nation without ensuring uniform development of every segment of society. He made it clear that Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf is working sincerely towards strengthening of the federation and the establishment of an Islamic welfare society as per the expectations of the general public.