Coivd19 and the overrated Nation

Coivd19 and the overrated Nation

Dr. Asim Farooq

As the coivd19 spread across the globe and the world seemed helpless, subsequently many strong economies are seeking mercies of God. But the people in Pakistan are still living at the verge of ignorance and deeply engaged in justifying it a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theories in the country are still circulating which distract many educated people too along with others. The Covid-19 approached every corner of the world, confronted many nations with peak expansion and then decline.

As in these crisis world witnesses two different approaches: governance in developed world and conspiracy theories in developing. Pakistan is among those nations which are badly suffering from the baseless discussion of calling it a conspiracy or any propaganda from hostile powers. The question here is when we are focusing over justification or defending the reality of Covid-19 and it impacts, what would be our strategy for a way out from this transnational threat and combating strategy.

On one side our front line fighter’s doctors we’re dying in the line of duty from Covid-19 while on other side people were spending time in discussion of proving it a conspiracy of Jews and Christians. In the pandemic where two hundred percent of public support and positive engagement is supposed to be with us are distracted in such discussion. Negligence at any rank or percent of the population in this pandemic was and is in affordable.

Covid-19 changed priorities of world politics before it climatic change, terrorism, economy and technology were the prominent topics in international debates while this pandemic cautioned entire community of the world to review its policies and change priorities. It aggravated the intensity of economic and diplomatic war of China and the United States of America while many analysts call it the reason of changing world order. It would have more deep and broad impacts over economy, diplomacy, politics and social side of the world.

As “America first” slogan roared in the world and America many times and entire election campaigns were driven on this slogan but now it will not work more and meaningless.

Though transnational threats like Climatic change and terrorism we’re not that much convincing for all nations this pandemic was too aggressive and it cautioned all to come out from “anyone’s First”.

Here it is a source of concern for all but unfortunately, we have that type of analyst who neither research nor try to learn from others but ignoring all the above facts and calling it a conspiracy.

Even in the days when Pakistan was at it’s a peak in statistics same, we’re a discussion and now too when the country is witnessing decline those particular minds are still saying it was a conspiracy and nothing more than fear or else but not fact. If international forces are redefining, reshaping and reviewing their policies and priorities while states are working on their governance to tackle such threat in future, we are not ready for all these.

Public opinion does matter everywhere in the world and particularly very much now in the age of social media but it goes disorganized and distracted when it is accompanied by such opinions which are baseless and confusing.

Denying truth itself is a reason for many problems. Here is the same case, a pandemic of covid is a lie and propaganda of hostile powers for some people and sure it is a denial of truth. Hence it owed to the aggravated status of covid in Pakistan.

Though now the country is witnessing a decline in the statistics of Covid pandemic it deteriorated vulnerability of this country. Confused policies of the Pakistani government, misinterpretations of religious clergy, sensational media and circulation of conspiracy theories left front line fighters, means doctors helpless and vulnerable to their fight. One should feel the pressure and dedicated work of them in such an environment.

Now here is a decline in cases but a thorough review is needed in our social, economic, political and administrative fronts. To not repeat such response in threat and challenge in life ahead we must accept it that a social uplift in form of literacy rate, bringing religious clergy to a balanced and moderate approach and developing awareness through media and other tools. It is question prevailing that why at every issue our minds and words stand by such baseless theories?

If we analyze our educational foundation from primary to higher education our system is not enlightening Students with that much creative works and even not promoting creativity. They are working like machines and race is for scoring, GPAs and grades purely based on conventional ways. We have that educated class who would naturally look at things on conventional approaches rather any critical observations. We must change it. This is the major difference that other nations research things and work for solutions while we call it a conspiracy and go with that.

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