Collision results in emergency landing at Lahore Airport

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LAHORE: A PIA plane, heading from Sharjah to Lahore, had to make emergency landing at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport after its one of the engines was hit by a bird on Thursday.

According to PIA officials, the incident happened when PK-258 was about to land at Lahore airport.    

But the pilot, showing his expertise, managed safe landing of the plane, and thus also saved the lives of 168 passengers who were onboard.

Such was the impact of the collision that the engine was rendered completely useless.

The officials said the exact cost of the loss caused to the plane would only be ascertained once the airline’s engineers reached Lahore from Karachi. 

It is worth-mentioning here that already over four planes have been hit by birds over Lahore airport during the last two weeks.

However, the Civil Aviation Authority, on the other hand, while expressing its helplessness, has advised the airlines to take precautionary measures on their own.

PIA flight, PK-203, which was to leave for Dubai today, had to be cancelled after the accident.

The passengers will now be accommodated in tomorrow’s flight.  

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