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Comedy Wildlife Photography finalists feature funny creatures

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The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recognize exceptional photos of animals, judged on how funny they are. This year’s finalists have just been revealed.

Three Mudskipper fish, one of them appears to be jumping while the two others watch in awe.

See who jumps high

After a humble beginning in 2015, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has become a globally renowned competition viewed by millions of people. The competition seeks to promote conservation by celebrating the humor that can be found in the natural world. This shot of Mudskipper fish was taken by Chu Han Lin in Tainan, Taiwan.

A baboon that is yawning but appears to be performing as a singer.

The Baboon who feels like a tenor

The founders of the competition, Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, found that funny animal photos are effective as a means of engagement. While Joynson-Hicks was working as a wildlife photographer he came across some shots that made him laugh out loud, sparking the idea. This Hamdryas baboon, captured by Clemence Guinard, started to yawn while gracefully positioning its paws under its neck.

a blue damselfly that appears to be smiling.

Don’t worry. Be happy!

This friendly damselfly was photographed in Hemer, Germany by Axel Bocker. The shot is among the 42 finalists selected for the Comedy Wildlife Photo Award, among more than 7,000 entries. “It was an amazing turnout, especially given the impact of the pandemic,” says Joynson-Hicks, adding, “wildlife truly is incredible and hilarious.”

A smooth-coated otter carries its baby by biting it.

Time for school

Anyone can be part of the judging process. Voting is open to the public and will end on October 12. A smooth-coated otter “bites” its baby to carry it back and forth for swimming lessons. Chee Kee Teo captured the otter’s parenting style in Singapore.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalisten 2021

Ninja Prairie Dog!

A prairie dog in the state of Colorado, USA manages to startle a bald eagle, giving it enough time to escape into a nearby burrow. The bald eagle already had one go at the feisty prairie dog, but missed. Arthur Trevino was the one to catch the drama on camera.

chameleon on a branch with his arms folded as if he was doing breakdance moves.

Grumpy Chameleon

This chameleon with an attitude was captured in Western Ghats, India. There are different categories in the competition, including one for creatures that can fly, one for those of the land and another one for marine creatures. “Don’t panic if the animal, like a squirrel, for example, looks like he is flying, it still lives on the land,” the organizers helpfully state on their website.

A pigeon with a leaf on its face.

I guess summer’s over

When is summer over? The answer appears to be blowing in the wind: This picture was taken by John Speirs in Oban Argyll, United Kingdom. “I was taking pics of pigeons in flight when this leaf landed on a bird’s face,” said Speirs.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalisten 2021

Shhhh! I am so hungover it hurts

This burrowing owl was photographed in California, USA by Anita Ross. The youngster caught her eye because he looked like he’s having a hangover, she said. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’ motto is “conservation through competition.” Organizers promote protectionist measures on their website, such as eating less meat to help combat deforestation or using bar soap to reduce plastic waste.

A box fish appears to want to give the photographer a smooch.

Sweet lips are for kissing

A box fish in the Dutch Caribbean appears to want to give the photographer a smooch. “Never expected to have its beautiful lips that close!” said Phillip Stahr, describing the moment he took the shot. The 2021 winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards will be announced on October 22.

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