Commander Karwan says he survived 38 murder raids

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SHARANA: Afghan special police unit commander in southeastern Paktika province says he has survived 38 attempts on his life by the Taliban and was seriously wounded 13 times during the past 16 years.

The commander, Azizullah Karwan, told Pajhwok Afghan News in an interview that he had lost 600 friends to battles with insurgents. More than one thousand of his colleagues had been wounded over the last 16 years.

Karwan was a taxi driver in Paktika 16 years back, but later he was recruited to the Afghan forces under the leadership of US forces.

Karwan was elevated to the rank of commander after having repeatedly defeated insurgent groups in Paktika.

“I have been attacked 38 times. These attacks included 13 suicide attacks over the past 16 years,” he said, adding he was seriously injured in 13 attacks but returned to his job each time after being treated in capital Kabul.

Karwan said: “I have taken part in thousands of clashes during this time but the most critical one was in Sapidar area of Sarobi district.”

Karwan said he had carved names of his fallen friends on marble stones which he had kept at his home.

“I am a soldier, except God, I afraid of no one, wherever the enemy exists, I will go there and fight it,” he said.

However, Karwan saidL “Whenever I am in a crowd of people, I seriously fear the enemies will attack me with an explosion that will kill civilians.”

To a question if the government decided to fire him, he said: “I am a soldier of this country and I will definitely accept every order of our leaders.”

He said he had played a significant role in improving security in Paktika province and whenever militants hear about his presence in an area, they leave that area without showing any resistance.

Nik Mohammad, a Special Forces soldier, told Pajhwok that Azizullah Karwan used all his abilities for improving security situation of Paktika.

“Now most of the youth try to follow into Karwan’s footsteps and become brave like him,” he said.

Azizullah Karwan is also the founder of Afghan Local Police (ALP) forces in Paktika province.