Commission launched to reform universities

KANDAHAR (TOLOnews): The acting Minister of Higher Education, Nida Mohammad Nadim, announced efforts to bring about reforms in higher education institutions in the country.
Nida Mohammad Nadim, at a graduation ceremony for students in one of the private universities in Kandahar, said that in the past years, young people were given a diploma in exchange for money, and some universities were created by the powerful.
“Maybe it will be decided in the case of some that those institutions whose foundation is based on corruption, do not have the will to serve, and corrupt society–we will try to find an alternative,” said Nida Mohammad Nadim, acting Minister of Higher Education.
Nida Mohammad Nadim added that this ministry assigned a commission to eliminate the challenges of private universities and called on the Islamic Emirate to provide work for youth who graduate from universities.
“I asked ministers… to provide work for youth because they are talented and powerful,” said Nida Mohammad Nadim.
“We call on Islamic Emirate to support the education sector, and encourage them,” said Sayed Faruq Nayemi, head of the private educational institution union.
The acting minister of higher education announced efforts to strengthen private centers of higher education and added that the government cannot solve all the challenges alone.