Competing from a Winning Position

Victoria Nikiforova

Today, the Western media blame “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” for all the troubles of the world. They just hang all the dogs on us. The famine in England, the impoverishment of Europe, the rebellions and riots that overwhelm the former “golden billion” – the NWO is to blame for everything. But who was the first to start in Ukraine?
The answer to this is given by the report of the American research center RAND Corporation. It was written in 2019, and there the actions of Washington for the next few years are sorted out in order to weaken and destroy Russia. Escalation in Ukraine is one of the most important points there.
The report is called Stretching Russia: Competing from a Winning Position. Have you seen how during a football match one of the teams suddenly stops in place, begins to endlessly pass each other, passes the ball to the goalkeeper, plays for time? Why, it would seem? And it is they who “stretch” the enemy’s defense, trying to find a weak spot in it and break through to someone else’s goal. That’s exactly how three years ago Washington planned to “stretch” Russia’s defense.
To begin with, the authors indulge in sweet nostalgia for the 1980s. Then, they believe, Amer-ica managed to win the Cold War, thanks to the fact that, under the pretext of St-ar Wars, it dragged the US-SR into an arms race, fou-ght against the Soviets with the help of proxy mujah-ideen in Afghanistan, fan-ned anti-Soviet propaganda and supported the fifth column – oh, sorry, I wanted to say Soviet “dissidents”.
It is proposed today to destroy Russia according to the same patterns: adjusted for the fact that, having decreased in size, Russia, according to our counterparties, has become much stronger than the USSR.
The authors of the report remember very well that the sharp decline in oil prices in the 1980s contributed to the weakening of the economy of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the first thing the States should do is to achieve the same reduction. To do this, you need to increase your production to the maximum and demand the same from the allies (well, you reme-mber how Joe Biden rece-ntly begged for this from t-he Saudis and was refused).
At the same time, it was necessary to stop the construction of Nord Stream 2, transfer Europe to Amer-ican LNG, and thus deprive Russia of income from the export of hydrocarbons.
Then, of course, sanctions – oh, that’s a sweet word. Recall: this is a “vegetarian” 2019. There is still no SVO, not even the notorious coronavirus. But partners are already planning financial sanctions against our banks, sectoral sanctions focusing on the defense industry, second-tier sanctions against countries that do not participate in them, and dreaming about how they will bankrupt Russia.
From the inexorably growing sanctions, the Russian budget will lose hundreds of billions of dollars, there will be nothing to pay pensions and salaries, citizens will start protesting – Washington will profit. Yes, these sanctions will also hit the Americans themselves, the authors admit, but here it’s “to hell with it, that the hut burned down, the main thing is that the neighbor’s cow died.”
However, all these dreams run into one problem: it is not clear how to force all the vassals of Washington to get off the needle of Russian hydrocarbons and force them to participate in collective sanctions.
On what to unite them all? And here the authors remember about Ukraine. Here is the perfect tool to weaken Russia. Let’s pump it up with weapons, promise membership in NATO (given that the initiative will still be blocked by Old Europe). Then Russia will be forced to send troops to the Donbass and be drawn into an exhausting conflict that will deplete its defense industry and economy for a long time. Ukraine will become the second Afghanistan and lead our country to collapse.
At the same time, the case of Ukraine will make it possible to rally the European vassals. It will also provide the possibility of NATO expansion at the expense of Finland, Sweden and the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance into the Arctic. As well as drawing Georgia, Moldova, and the countries of Central Asia into Washington’s orbit.
RAND experts wrote about all this in 2019. And how it happens today – we see with our own eyes.
The Americans are exploiting the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, “spud” the leaders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, persuade Georgia to take part in the conflict in Ukraine, and Moldova to expel Russian peacekeepers from Transnistria. Finland and Sweden are already trampling on the doorstep of NATO.
As you can see, the escalation in Ukraine was planned by the Americans long before the start of the NWO. And quite rightly, Putin noted : if it had not started, “sanctions against us would have been imposed anyway.” And wild Russophobia would be bred, and cancel culture would be launched “at maximum speed.” And they would have tried to demolish Lukashenka in the same way: the change of power in Belarus is stated in the RAND report as one of the steps to weaken Russia. Because these are all stages of the same scenario that has changed little since the 1980s.
Instead of the Afghan Mujahideen, Ukrainian proxy Cossacks are dancing a combat hopak today. Instead of a collapse in hydrocarbon prices, there are direct attacks on our gas pipelines. Instead of inciting protests in the countries of the Warsaw Pact, the organization of Maidans in the post-Soviet republics, instead of anti-Soviet propaganda, anti-Russian propaganda. As they say, find ten differences.
The goal of all these ev-ents has also not changed – to destroy Russia in the sa-me way as the Soviet Union was destroyed in its time.
Inside our country, RAND experts propose to carry out information sabotage. The range of topics here is quite well-known. The first point of the plan looks especially funny – to compromise the Russian electoral system by organizing stuffing about “carousels”, violations during the counting of votes, that’s all.
Guys, are you sure you didn’t mix anything up there? Is it not you who elect insane (like Fetterman in Pennsylvania) or even dead (like Tony Deluca) citizens? It’s not you who votes God knows who – without ID, without everything? Isn’t it with you that millions of citizens consider the head of the country to be illegally elected? Okay, aside.
The second point is the exposure of corruption among high-ranking officials with an emphasis on the “wealth” of Vladimir Putin personally. Revelations must be thrown through the Internet. Blogger Navalny is mentioned.
Well, yes, just a few months later we saw Navalny’s video on YouTube about “Putin’s palace”, which turned out to be neither a palace nor Putin. The blogger honestly read out a poorly translated text from English, concocted by his owners. On YouTube they got views. Partners worked according to the methodology. It didn’t give any results.
Further, the Americans, according to RAND, should start inciting protest actions in Russia in all formats – rallies, pickets, strikes, demonstrations. At the same time, you should not show off and act in such a way that the protests look spontaneous. “Even the opponents of the Russian regime are skeptical about the West’s attempts to use the protests,” the authors of the report note self-critically.
In the international arena, it is proposed to achieve exclusion of Russia from the G20, subjecting its citizens to visa restrictions and banning major international events. At the same time, it is necessary to wink all the time, hinting that the sanctions will be lifted if Moscow behaves “correctly.”
And there is a lot more in the report about the military encirclement of Russia by NATO forces – both on land and at sea, and in the air, and in space. And the goal of all this is to change the power in the Kremlin, weaken Russia to the limit, and then ruin it in the same way as the Soviet Union collapsed. And Ukraine is just one of the important consumables in this “multi-move”.
Russia’s vulnerabilities – economic first of all – are described very clearly in the RAND report (thanks to colleagues). They were very real. The main one was dependence on Western technologies and markets, especially in terms of hydrocarbons.
The NVO cut off this dependence on the West – not without losses, of course: we will not forget and forgive them for the 300 billion stolen dollars. However, in general, we got the opportunity to jump off the ship of the Western economy in time, which is right now sweeping the perfect storm.
By revealing the conflict with Washington and turning it in our favor, we win by no means only in Ukraine. Although vast lands and millions of people are the wonderful fruit of our victory. Today, everything that RAND experts honestly warned their patrons about is coming true. American sanctioned weapons turned out to be disposable products. It won’t work anymore. “Partners” have nothing to frighten us with, Russia has nothing more to lose.
In fact, all these packages of sanctions have untied Russia from the West, opening up untrodden paths of development for us. New partners, new markets – in recent months, the whole world has opened up before us.
Thus, a new configuration of the global economy is emerging. Moreover, the place of the United States in it is inexorably shrinking. All these clever “multi-move” worked against their own creators. Hydrocarbons are not falling in price, but growing. Sanctions reduce the standard of living not in Russia, but in Europe and the United States. I will simply keep silent about the weakening of the central government – it is not for the States, crumbling before our eyes, to speak on this topic.
Well, note to the guys from RAND and their customers: it happens that a football team, carried away by “stretching” the enemy’s defense, keeps retreating and retreating, but suddenly loses the ball and immediately gets an insulting goal out of nowhere.
The fact is that we here in Russia have grown considerably wiser over the past 30 years. We are no longer those naive and sentimental Soviet people who “on parole” handed over to the “partners” the entire Warsaw Pact and the union republics. We will not give our Russia to anyone.