Complaints are there PSO is importing poor quality petrol’

‘Complaints are there PSO is importing poor quality petrol’

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LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has remarked “complaints are there that Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is importing poor quality petrol.  He observed “there are complaints that petrol coming from Iran is correct  but the petrol being  imported by PSO is of poor quality. We are verifying the matter.

The facts will come to open soon. He gave these remarks while presiding over a 3-member bench of Supreme Court (SC) during the course of hearing of suo motu notice pertaining to elimination of air pollution, disposal of hospital waste material and non installation of water treatment plant on Monday. Dr Pervrez Hassan head of judicial commission on air pollution and smog filed detailed report in the court. He told that that the only Solid Waste Disposal Unit located at Mehmood Booti in Lahore is insufficient.  40 percent air pollution is generated due to emission of smoke by vehicles.

The air pollution could not be overcome due to non maintenance of euro standard. There are four mobile units to assess air quality. There must be 40 such units only in Punjab. He further told the court that institutions and laws are in place for eradication of pollution but their implementation is next to nil.

Orders are issued for setting up air commission and its monitoring for curbing pollution.

The court ordered the head of smog commission to present before it the method for implementation of recommendations within 10 days.

The court also directed to complete installation of 13 plants regarding hospital waste disposal soon. Monthly progress report about installation of plants be submitted in the court.

The court also summoned   progress report about installation of Water treatment plant in Lahore.


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