COMSATS Welcomes Veteran Academicians from Maldives, Libya, Uganda and Iran

F.P. Report

Islamabad: COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) hosted high-ranking academicians of Maldives, Libya, Uganda and Iran here in Islamabad Campus on March 21, 2023. These dignitaries visited hosts COMSATS University Islamabad on the sidelines of the 5th Vice-Chancellors’ Forum, held on March 19-20, 2023 in Marriott Hotel, Islamabad. Over 200 VCs, including 40 from 20 different OIC member states participated in the event.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad T. Afzal, Rector CUI extended welcome to the guests at a reception held on campus on Tuesday along with senior officials of CUI, who had assembled at the occasion.

Maldives’ Minister of Higher Education appreciated CUI’s milestones, progress and achievements and showed his keen interest for collaboration in the Faculties of Sciences and Health Sciences as well as in exchange programs not only between Maldives and CUI. Later on, participants from Maldives, Libya, Uganda and Iranian sides exchanged ideas on enhancing cooperation with CUI.

Visiting delegates included Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, Minister of Higher Education, Republic of Maldives, Farzana Zahir, High Commissioner of the Republic of Maldives to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamabad, Mariyam Fizaana Rashyd, Director General, Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA), Republic of Maldives, Prof. Dr Mohammed Ibrahim M. Ghoma, President, Gharyan University, Libya, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim N. Jleta, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Libyan Academy for Post Graduate Studies, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Libya, Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda, Rector, Islamic University, Uganda, Dr. Wardah M. Rajab Gyagenda, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Kampala University, Uganda, Prof Hamed Shah Rafati, Director General for International Affairs, University of Religions and Denominations, Iran, Prof Ebrahim Amini, Director, University of Religions and Denominations, Iran and Prof Seyed Mostafa Daryabari, Manager, International Institute for Culture and Civilization, Iran.

Later, Prof. Sajjad A. Madani gave a detailed presentation of CUI and highlighted milestone and achievements of the university. Officials of CUI present at the occasion included, Prof. Dr Sajid Qamar, Dean, Faculty of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Shahzad A. Malik, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Prof Dr. Saqib Gulzar, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Sajjad A. Madani, Registrar, Dr Tahir Naeem, Director (P, D and HRD), Prof. Dr Shams ul Qamar, In-charge ORIC/ Academics and Mr. Ali Tawab Baloch, Head, International Office.