Conspiracy to kill former PM is a political scoop of Imran Khan: CM Shah

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KARACHI (PPI): Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said Sunday that when the former prime minister has blocked phone numbers of the people he believes to be his enemy how he received the threat he disclosed in his public meeting Sialkot.
Mr Shah advised the former prime minister to disclose the name of the person(s) who has threatened him or has hatched the conspiracy against him so that necessary action could be taken by the concerned government. “But, he [Imran Khan] says the names would be disclosed if, God forbid, he is killed,” he said and added “it shows he has started to be fretful.”
Murad Ali Shah said this matter should not be used as a political scoop. This he said while addressing a press conference along with the organizers of the My Karachi Expo at Expo Centers. He was flanked by Information Minister Sharjeel Memon, Advisor Law Murtaza Wahab, Chairman Business Group Zubair Motiwala, President KCCI Mohammad Idress, General Secretary A.Q Khalil and others.
The chief minister said that the former prime minister had no respect for any institution or any person. “He is trying to blackmail everyone to return to power,” he said and added his government was removed through a political and democratic process, but he was pointing the finger of accusation at others. To a question about the state of national economy, the chief minister said that the three and half years ago PPPP President Asif Zaradri was on record offering him [then PM Imran Khan] of signing charter of economy on the floor of the national assembly but he [Mr Khan] did not pay any heed. “Mr Zardari is a foresighted and seasoned politician who keeps his eye on national and international issues and foresees the situation such as economy, politics,” he said and added keeping in view the worsening economic condition of the country and the capability of Imran Khan, Mr Asif zardari had advised him but ‘Imran Khan being blind politician’ was riding a blind horse in those days and had not taken him seriously and now the precarious situation of the economy was in front of every one - but the CM assured the nation that the coalition government in the center was capable enough to control the situation. To a question about MQM, Murad Ali Shah said that they have signed an agreement with the government to amend the local government. “The law is in the assembly, and it would be amended as per our agreed points,” he said. As far as joining the provincial government by MQM, he said that it would be in the interest of the government if a larger party like MQM joined the Sindh government. Replying to a question about a police raid at the residence of Haleem Adil Shaikh’, the chief minister said that the law was taking its course. “If he violates the law, of course the law will take its course,” he said, recalling that during a bye-election he [Haleem Adil Shaikh’ had visited stations along with his armed guards. “When he was arrested the dramas he had played were known to everyone,” he said and added everyone must abide by the law. Responding to a question about increasing accidents on the Indus Highway, Murad Ali Shah said that it was originally constructed by the PPP government in 1993 and it was one of the best roads of the country. “In 2017 a request was made to the federal government for dualization of the Indus Highway from Jasmhoro to Sehwan,” he recalled and went on saying that the federal government asked the provincial government to bear the 50 percent cost of the dualization of the road. He added that he had paid Rs7 billion, as a 50 percent cost of the dualization of the road, to the federal government in 2017 but work on it was almost stopped during the tenure of the Imran Khan government. Mr Shah recalled that when he approached the then state minister [Murad Saeed] to discuss the slow pace of work on the road, he refused to meet him. “Imran Khan is responsible for all the losses of the lives taking place on Indus Highway because his government failed to complete it,” he said. The CM said that he had offered the federal government to return his government’s money and pay its share, the Sindh government was ready to construct the Jamshoro-Sehwan Road. “We have constructed 62- km Nawabshah-Sanghar road with a record time of four month but then the PTI government turned down the offer. “Now I have requested Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and he has vowed to complete the construction of the Indus Highway on a fast-track basis,” he said. To a question about water shortage in Sindh, the chief minister said that in 2018 the Attorney General of Pakistan had submitted his report to the CCI but Imran Khan, as an inefficient prime minister, could not take decision on distribution of water as per accord. Talking about Expo, My Karachi Exhibition, Murad Ali Shah said that he was feeling confident and content to see a large number of national and international participants have taken part in the expo - top of it, a large number of Karachiites are visiting the stall. He appreciated the organizers of the My Karachi Expo’ for organizing such a beautiful and beneficial exhibition that attracted investors in the city and inculcated their confidence in the potential of this city. The chief minister visited a stall set up in different halls of the Expo and mixed up with the people visiting the stall.

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