Constitution places at shelf rather than implementation

Humayun Khan

PESHAWAR: Justice Rooh-ul-Amin remarked that implementation of constitution is responsibility court because the constitution has been placed at shelf rather than to follow and added that certain countries are functioning without formal agreement but here government playing delaying tactics in delivery of services for public welfare.
While Justice Ishtiaq Ibrahim remarked that millions of rupees are wasting on helicopter trips while nothing is available for public and added that government cannot escapes from responsibilities due to unavailability of wealth.
The divisional bench was hearing writ petition of Chasma Sugar Mill while Ishaq Ali Qazi Advocate was appeared before Peshawar High Court while the counsel informed that in 2015 government has announced transportation subsidy on export of sugar and added that Punjab and Singh Courts had provided the subsidy but Khyber Pakhtunkhwa did not upholding responsibility.
Additional Advocate General informed that provincial government lacking wealth for provision of subsidy while Justice Rooh-ul-Amin remarked that don’t take such stance before court and added that fulfill constitutional responsibility as per Federal Government direction.
During hearing Ishaq Ali Qazi Advocate informed that due to devaluation of rupee has affected his income because other provinces has provided subsidy in due time.
The divisional bench observed that everyone is aware about the circumstances when province is failed to fulfill constitutional responsibilities then step-down and added that court is not sitting for International Monetary Fund while adjourned further hearing.