Corona swallows welfare struggles

Wadood Jan

The Corona pandemic not only has disturbed the official, educational and routine and business activities but has also interrupted welfare activities. A number of welfare organizations have been aiming to support various sectors of society but due to recent situation developed by the corona menace those welfare activities have stopped.

Poor people have been depending on financial support from various welfare organization but due to restricted movements either the organization cannot reach those deserving people or poor can’t access the organizations.

Similarly, people who have been receiving help in shape of food items are also suffering due to corona situation.

Health welfare organizations have also been observing the recent situation. Those organizations have either closed their activities or not receiving any patients anymore due to which the ailing people have been not receiving free treatments and suffering.

Time to devise a plan or strategy to restore welfare activities as it is a hard time. The government and stakeholders should sit and find a way out to both fight the corona menace and also restore welfare activities.

Meanwhile, guidelines should be issued to welfare departments and organizations to how to carry their lauded activities within safe domain.

On the other hand the poor sector and dependents must follow the SOPs and also take care to observe the preventive strategies.

The Frontier Post has been supporting the cause of fighting corona and struggling to highlight the addressing areas to the concerned.