Coronavirus rapidly spreads among children in Punjab

F.P. Report

LAHORE: About 8,520 children have contracted coronavirus in Punjab during the third wave of the pandemic — which is said to be more lethal and contagious than the previous cycles.

Last year, 10,847 children were affected by the virus in Punjab.

As per the data provided by the Punjab Health Department, 4,133 children contracted coronavirus in the last three months in Lahore, while 4,257 coronavirus cases were reported in the provincial capital altogether last year.

Children’s Hospital Lahore has reported 94 coronavirus cases in children this year.

The department confirmed that 44 children contracted coronavirus in March.

Health experts have also expressed concern over the rapid spread of coronavirus among children during the third wave of the pandemic.

The death rate among children, as per health officials, is much lower than adults but since they can be potential carriers of the virus, children have become a major cause for the spread of the disease.

According to experts, this time there are cases of lung infection in children with symptoms of the virus.