Corrupt criminals will face justice, says MoI

Corrupt criminals will face justice, says MoI

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KABUL: The Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs, in answer to watchdog groups, said 2,800 warrants have been followed up on out of 6,000 issued by the Attorney General’s Office over corruption cases.

Earlier this week, Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) said that the failure of the Ministry of Interior to pursue cases against corrupt officials whose arrest warrants were issued by the Attorney General’s Office has slowed down efforts to combat corruption in the institutions.

However, the Interior Ministry now says that it will arrest all the suspects including the high level officials accused of corruption.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, there are about 7,000 people under the scrutiny of the legal and judicial institutions.

“1,637 cases were processed during 1397 and 1398 (2018 and 2019), during the first four months of the year (2020), 1249 cases were tackled and 1518 people arrested, and we will address others too,” said Abdul Saboor Qani, the deputy minister of interior.

“The total cases are around 5,500, which includes over 7,000 people–the report that was shared with the Attorney General before the quarantine by the Interior Ministry, some of these people have been arrested,” said Jamshid Rasouli, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office.

“The Ministry of Interior and the Attorney General’s Office has failed to address major corruption cases,” said Naser Taimoori, a researcher of IWA.

“If there is sovereignty of law in a country, there will be no reason for the presence of lawbreakers, if they (govt) can’t bring them to the attorney, it means you (govt) are weak, and you must step down,” said Ibdalullah Mohammadi, MP.

The establishment of the Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center was aimed to probe cases of corruption against the high level government officials, the ACJC since its establishment in 2016 has had only one cabinet minister who faced trial– and he was acquitted. (TOLOnews)

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