Council of Ministers meeting discusses issues on agenda

KABUL (Agencies): Chaired by the country’s Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers discussed various issues on agenda, a statement from his office said Monday.

Attack on the Telecommunication Ministry, rescuing up to 3,000 civil servants, joint Afghan Defense Ministry and the Resolute Support Mission operations that killed 553 militants, wounding 177 and arresting 37 others have been among the issues discussed at the meeting, said the statement.

The CE said Taliban by announcing Al-Fath operation, have claimed the responsibility of war, while the people of Afghanistan have risen their voice for peace in the country, the statement quoted.

About the High Reconciliation Council, Dr. Abdullah said in his meeting with the country’s leaders and politicians, he was still sure the HRC would help the country reach peace.

He called the cancellation of Qatar Peace Jirga, the result of mismanagement, but said the government had preparation to represent the people of Afghanistan.

The country’s Chief Executive, likewise, denounced Sri Lanka’s terrorist attack and called it a crime and on behalf of the people of Afghanistan, extended the thoughts and condolences to the people and government of that country.

The ministry of interior’s offer for managing a firm security plan to tightens security of the capital and the police treatment with the people have also been discussed at the meeting and assured that practical measures would be taken for security of the government institutions.

The CE instructed the ministry of finance to assess the problems and challenges of the ministries failed to spend their budget as needed as it would help create acceleration in the budget spending.

Dr. Abdullah said that the government entities shouldn’t see journalists as disturbing people and both the media and the people had the right to have access to information within the law. He asked all ministers and heads of independent organs to cooperate with the journalists in accessing to information, the statement continued.

The CE also instructed to tighten security of the Bahauddin Walad Madrassa in the northern Balkh Province and to conclude with, he congratulated the assignment of Abdul Malik Seddiqi as the deputy to the Council of Ministers’ Secretariat and wished success to him in his related affairs.