Country’s bleak economy can’t endure political turmoil, political instability

LAHORE (INP): President SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iftikhar Ali Malik has said that Pakistan at this crucial juncture of time since its inception in the wake of COVID-19 and bleak economy can neither endure political turmoil nor afford political instability.
Talking to a delegation of industrialists and traders led by Momin Ali Malik which called on him here on Sunday, he said that what we need is political stability which is prerequisite for sustained economic growth to cope with the multiple challenges in Pakistan. He said that politics of confrontation, agitation, protest, violence and agitation is not solution.
Iftikhar Ali Malik said time has changed as now the influential nations are paying more attention to financial warfare to continue their dominance. These countries are successfully using their weapons of economic destruction to weaken economics of poor nations to achieve their unholy designs while Pakistan’s economy is not strong enough to withstand economic terrorism.
He said it is indeed important to increase our exports and for that purpose we need to reduce our cost of doing business so that our products can remain competitive in the world markets.
President SAARC CCI further said trade facilitation is the key to promote industries and we need to remove all the obstacles and create the culture of trade facilitation.
“Our Country has tremendous potential as we have enormous talent. What we need is the consistency in the government policies and a clear roadmap to move forward,” he added.
The veteran trade leader was of the view that all the sectors including the industrial sector should perform their national obligations and play their key role in strengthening the economy while the government should introduce reforms and control the smuggling of raw material and finished goods.
Leader of the delegation Momin Ali Malik briefly speaking on the occasion urged the government to conduct global market research to find out new foreign destinations for the Pakistani products which are best in the world as far as quality and price is concerned.
He said that Pakistani missions abroad should be duty bound to introduce Pakistani products to the foreign buyers and also ensure dissemination of trade related information so that Pakistan entrepreneurs could avail trade opportunities to the maximum.