Couple receives injuries as toy bomb explodes

Couple receives injuries as toy bomb explodes

Hafiz Muhammad Aziz-ur-Rehman

HAFIZABAD: A young couple of Channi Sultan received serious injuries when a toy bomb exploded while they were cutting bushes on the bank of River Chenab near Qadirabad Barrage on Sunday.

After receiving the information of the incident, police, Civil Defence and Bomb Disposal Squad rushed to-the-spot to collect evidence. The injured were shifted to the Trauma Centre by the Rescue-1122 in critical condition. According to police source, Hassan Ali alongwith his wife Saima of Channi Sultan were cutting bushes when they touched the toy bomb which exploded suddenly as a result of which both the hands of Hassan Ali were chopped off  and received serious burns on the faces, bellies and other parts of the couple.

Meanwhile, A retired sub inspector of police Liaqat Mangat of Mangat Uncha village, who was released on bail today, was again rearrested on the charge of allegedly forcibly getting possession of the haveli of a poor 102-year-old Imam Masjid Baba Allah Ditta. According to police source, the retired sub inspector along with his son Atif had demolished the haveli of the Imam Masjid few days ago and he was arrested on the orders of the DPO Hafizabad but after getting bail from the court of law he along with his accomplices raided the haveli and again tortured the old man and a 40-year-old woman Razia Bibi and forcibly took possession of the premises. After getting information of the incident, the DPO deputed a team of police headed by DSP sadder which rearrested the retired sub inspector and two others.

The Imam Masjid and his family members have sought their protection as the influential accused party was threatening them of dire consequences

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