Court adjourns Sara Inam murder case till Sept 27

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: A district and sessions court in Islamabad Thursday adjourned the Sara Inam murder case till September 27.

District and Sessions Judge Muhammad Azam Khan heard the case. The main accused, Shahnawaz Amir, was produced in the court.

Station House Officer (SHO) Nawazish Ali recorded his statement in the court as a witness.

“You told the court that you were on a patrol,” Approver Basharatullah questioned Nawazish Ali.

“[But] you did not mention this in the first information report (FIR), and you also did not mention the phone call and where you received it from,” the approver questioned further.

“Yes, I was on duty,” SHO Nawazish Ali said in the court.

“You have stated that the girl was wearing a black shalwar which was stained with blood, and this was also not mentioned in the prosecution. You have only one statement of 161,” the approver said to the SHO.

“Yes, I have only one statement,” the SHO said in the court.

“You have not sent the post-mortem report with the dead body. The signatures and handwriting on the two petitions are different. When you wrote the report, you knew about the murder tool, so why didn’t you mention it?” the approver questioned the SHO.

“It was mentioned in the prosecution, but not in the report, that there was a wound on the victim’s head,” he added.

“Sara Inam’s father has recorded his statement that his daughter was killed by hitting a dumble in the head,” lawyer Rao Abdul Rahim said.

“The doctor said the cause of the death was a head injury, so only this was mentioned,” SHO Nawazish Ali said.

“There is no eyewitness to the incident, not even you,” the approver said to the SHO.

With the approver’s cross-examination of SHO Nawazish Ali completed, the court adjourned the hearing of the case till September 27.

Sara Inam’s father Inam-ur-Rahim and accused Shahnawaz’s father Ayaz Mir were present in the courtroom.