Court extends physical remand of six accused in murder of teen boy in Karachi

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Six accused in the murder of young teen Rehan on alleged theft were made to appear in front of the City Court, the court after hearing them awarded extension in their physical remand and handed them over to the police.

According to details, the judge presiding over the case inquired those allegedly involved in carrying out the heinous crime that what and who gave them the authority to beat a child so severely that it resulted in his death, “what made you take the law into your hands.”

One of the accused, namely Daniyal replied that they had beaten the teenager “lightly.”

“The kid along with two more individuals broken into a house with the intention to steal, we caught him while his accomplices escaped,” claimed the accused.

The court rebutted that the claims of beating the child lightly were ridiculous as the beat down resulted in his unfortunate demise.

The state prosecutor informed the court that the crime comes under the charges of cybercrime and terrorism and those accused will be tried on them.

The prosecutor continued that further investigation from those accused was required to determine others involved and the weapon used to kill the child.

“I request more time to carry out the investigations and reach a better understanding of the crime, I urge the court to extend their physical remand,” said the prosecutor.

The court agreed to the extension in the physical remands of the accused in the murder, namely, Daniyal, Yousuf, Zubair, Anas, Shariq and Masood.

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