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On Thursday, Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the demolition of Nasla Tower during the hearing of the case relating to encroachment menace, which had turned the citiy of lights in to a home of garbage and trashes. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed presided over the hearing at the Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court, while Commissioner Karachi and other senior officials of provincial and local administration were present during the court hearing.

During the hearing, Supreme Court expressed anger over the performance of Commissioner Karachi and Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked that the person running the SBCA’s operations is making billions and the most amount of illegal money is being made in the SBCA’s Sub Registrar Office. Chief Justice said that the court is going to remove the Commissioner Karachi and also ordered the action against encroachment on Shahrah-e-Faisal and Shahrah-e-Qaideen. The Supreme Court remarked there cases should be filed by the NAB against the officers involved in huge irregularities of building control, financial embazzlement.

The encouragement problem has shaped into the route cause of the most of the problems of Karachi including cleanliness, sanitation, traffic jams, pollution, environment and crimes. This menace is not limited to only Gujjar Mala, North Nazimabad or Aorangi Town but except organized socities each and every corner of the city is a live example of encroachment. Each one of us use to construct his home to last inch of his owned land and then extends his roof and floor into the street and same is the case in our markets and roads. This situation had made the lives of the people miserable but no one has yet think about his contribution in making the things worse.

Unfortunately, the government institutions which were responsible for implementing the rules and laws had forgotten their prime duty and get involved in Corruption for the sake of money. There is a need that the government must inflict sever punishments to those officials, who issued permits for construction of illegal buildings over the last 30 years. The rules must be set across the country because if it will not be done now, the every city and town of the country would plunge into similar situation after 15 years.

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