COVID-19 Goes to 2018: Caves, Bats, and Chinese Scientists

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Kirill Grishin

Scientists from the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2018 intended to infect cave bats with a modified coronavirus, the British press writes. This is at least a year and a half before the whole world learned about this infection. If this is true, then does this bring us closer to unraveling the origins of COVID-19?

Scientists from Wuhan were going to introduce modified coronaviruses into the habitats of bats to protect them from diseases transmitted to humans, writes the Telegraph newspaper. All this was supposedly planned to be done in the caves of Yunnan province…. The specialists wanted to receive $ 14 million for this project. But they were refused because it “could put local residents at risk,” the newspaper writes with reference to the documents studied. All this was at least a year and a half before the official reports of the outbreak of COVID-19. That is, according to the authors of the publication, the Wuhan scientists had good professional intentions. Scientific and practical research was aimed at protecting biodiversity. At the same time, the Chinese, according to the Telegraph, also wanted to create chimeric viruses, genetically modified to infect people more easily. But then something went wrong. Not at all.

But attention is guaranteed to any publication on the emergence of COVID-19. This was the case, for example, with the report that was published on the website of the Office of the Director of US National Intelligence . It claims that the coronavirus was not developed as a biological weapon. And the American intelligence agencies have admitted that they most likely will not be able to give a final assessment of the origin of the coronavirus without China’s assistance .

Most likely, in the position of the Chinese side there is a desire to prevent politicization of the possible results of such studies. After all, then the United States, which led the WHO mission to China, would have had a great temptation to make the Chinese side to blame for everything. Blame, hold accountable, impose sanctions, etc. Given the trade and economic friction between Washington and Beijing, this is a very possible scenario. In this case, one can understand the position of the Chinese authorities, which did not allow themselves to be so “guilty”. Although all of us are still interested in truthful information about the origin of this deadly infection. But it seems that we will never know the whole truth.

Well, humanity has learned to live in a new COVID reality. But on the way, as we are told, are no less dangerous coronaviruses. And then the permafrost in Siberia is rapidly melting – soon terrible viruses that have slept for many thousands of years will emerge from under the ice of many meters!

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