COVID-19 impacted

COVID-19 impacted people psychologically

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PESHAWAR: After initial two cases of the coronavirus in Pakistan on 26th April, 2020, the virus slowly and gradually spread like fire in every corner of the country.
Though, the first case of COVID-19 was traced and discovered in last month of 2019 in Wuhan city of China wherefrom the deadliest virus spread to entire world. As the virus greatly impacted each and every section of the globe and thus it caused substantial monetary losses to world economy, education, health, social life, tourism, industries, restaurants, free movements and others.

It is widely believed that people who were associated with jobs and personal businesses were confined to homes from March to June, 2020 and they on one way or other faced psychological issues. People who lost their jobs and small businesses were badly hit by issues relating to psychology.
In such state of time, people on one way or other received excessive information and also misinformation with regard to coronavirus cases in Pakistan and at global level which further rub the salt on wounds of them. During the peak time of coronavirus cases and deaths in the country, people confined to homes used to read newspapers and watching TV channels that had no other news except COVID-19.
Media role on one way or other was not up to the mark and it further enhanced depression, tension and psyche issues of people in general. Various media outlets and social media used to run commercial advertisements with regard to precautionary measures to protect themselves and family members from coronavirus but the instructions and announcements regarding precautionary steps vary from one another which further created havoc among society.
According to psychologists, the pandemic took jobs and employment from people specifically daily wagers whom they went through stress in homes after the sources of income stopped. Those people at the same time faced double stress including protecting themselves from virus and running expenses of families.
They were of the view that when the flow of disseminating information is reached to high level then it has negative impact on listeners and viewers instead of positive and that happened with people during pandemic. TV channels, radios and newspapers only talked about symptoms of coronavirus which spread fear and impacted people psychologically while information and news should be positive so that it could give hope and trust to community.
“Hundreds of thousands of people were faced with psychological distress in country and in the province but so far no any organized program via media or by government has been started to bring people out of this mess” they argued. People were in dire need to get psycho social support from government and non-government organizations but none of them bothered to initiate this project to facilitate people.
Experts suggest that in order to get out of distress, anxiety and other psychological issues, people who were confined to homes should set a timetable for themselves and get themselves engaged in exercise, reading books, indoor games, helping females in houses and other activities.
Later, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government initiated an online program with regard to provide psycho social support to people who are under stress and anxiety because of multiple reasons after coronavirus pandemic.

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