COVID upsurge and China’s tourism

China has reopened its borders to international visitors for the first time since it imposed travel restrictions in March 2020. According to the Chinese media, the country has made a significant change in its COVID policy and incoming travelers will no longer need to quarantine themselves while entering the country, and a PCR test would be sufficient to prove no COVID infection.

China the birthplace of the deadly coronavirus has again seen an unbelievable upsurge in the COVID-19 infection after successfully containing the disease more than three years ago. The recent nationwide protests against Xi’s zero COVID policy successfully dismantled all anti-COVID SOPs across China, but, liberties do not suit typical Huarens, and hundreds of thousands of Chinese contracted infection on regular basis in recent days. Several countries including the United States, Italy, Malaysia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, and others had imposed COVID restrictions on travelers coming from China, due to the possible transmission of the disease. Meanwhile, several countries had issued a travel advisory to their citizens regarding risks during a visit to the East Asian nation. Interestingly, as the pandemic takes momentum across the country and the global community put a curb on visiting China, the Chinese authorities not only scrapped all anti-COVID measures momentarily but also invited tourists to visit mainland China for tourism and leisure.

China’s reopening comes at the start of Chunyun, the beginning of the Lunar New Year which has been celebrated as a festival in China before the emergence of the pandemic in late 2019. Thus visiting China amid fear of infection and the thrill of the new year festival is a unique experience for Chinese nationals and foreigners. Earlier, foreign students and businessmen across the world had been requesting Chinese authorities to relax their pandemic measures after the world fully returned to normal life but Xi’s advisors were not ready to provide some relief to tourists and workers. Currently, the situation has dramatically changed and the Chinese government is inviting visitors from across the world but only a fewer numbers are considering this option because everyone loves life and is afraid of COVID infection. After all, the knowledge, technology, power, and precautions of resolute nations go in vain, and could not resist the virus. Thus the great nations must pause their rivalry and work for the collective betterment of humanity. That legacy will increase their prestige and ultimately install them to the position of the global chief.