COVID’s upsurge and Pak stratagem

Recently, the Chairman of the NDMA convened a special session of the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) to review the latest regional trends of a new variant of coronavirus and trajectories development for Pakistan.

Almost a successful mitigation of the deadly pandemic about a year ago, the world is again witnessing an unprecedented upsurge in coronavirus infections, after the Chinese government withdrew Zero COVID Policy from its country. According to the reports, the cities and towns in mainland China face tens of thousands of coronavirus cases on regular basis and the rapid spread of infection forced people to stay at home while factories, shops, and corporations were forced to close due to the non-availability of workers and customers.

According to the media, China’s Zhejiang region registers one million new COVID infections daily and these numbers are likely to become double in the coming days. Meanwhile, other major Chinese population centers including Beijing and Shanghai are also battling similar conditions over the past few days. At the same time, the epidemic also resurrected in neighboring India where the infection tally has touched three-digit numbers so far.

The pandemic conditions are gradually worsening in our neighborhood, while experts fear that the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus can reignite the newest threats to the survival of mankind in the universe.

The government must in-place COVID-19 SOPs at entry points along with enforcement of travel restrictions for the nations with increased cases of infection so the newest assault of deadly disease can be stopped outside the national borders, as the prevention is thousands of times better than treatment of the scourge.