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CSTO holds drills in response to Afghan situation – top brass

Written by The Frontier Post

KHARB-MAIDON PR-ACTICE RANGE (TASS): The Combat Brotherhood 2021 massive drills of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) forces that ended in Tajikistan near the Afghan border are a response to the worsening situation in Afghanistan, Russian Central Military District Commander Colonel-General Alexander Lapin said on Saturday.

“The massive drills with the CSTO Collective Operational Response Forces that came to an end in Tajikistan were a major response to the sharp deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan,” the commander said at the ceremony of closing the drills.

“The drills that were held are called upon to secure the CSTO states against any terrorist threat,” he stressed.

As a specific feature of the post-Soviet security bloc’s joint maneuvers, the troops employed the latest reconnaissance and electronic warfare systems, log-istic support and medical equipment. In particular, in the course of the Search 20-21 exercise, the bloc’s forc-es deployed an effective system of reconnaissance control “that helped uncover mounting threats in advance and thwart the outlawed armed gangs’ intentions,” the general said.

In the course of the dr-ills, the Moscow-led bloc c-reated a battlefield single i-nformation space that help-ed rout the enemy in hard-t-o-access terrain in real ti-me, the commander specified.

For the first time, the Echelon 2021 special drills were held with the logistic support forces on the mountainous and desert terrain. During the exercise, the troops employed 19 new items of special hardware that helped cut the time of preparing for combat assignments by more than three times, he added.

As a central event of the Interaction 2021 exercise, the post-Soviet security bl-oc’s troops conducted a jo-int operation where their s-uccess in routing the infiltrated outlawed armed ga-ngs was ensured by surpr-ise, swift and decisive operations into the entire depth of the enemy’s forces. Spe-cial operations forces and helicopter-carried search and assault groups were w-idely employed in the mo-untains. The operations by raid and outflank squads w-ere continuously supported by aircraft of operational-tactical and army aviation, the commander specified.

“The experience acquired in the drills will serve as a reliable guarantee of fulfilling tasks in a real combat environment,” the general said.

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