CTD arrests Mahal Baloch, recovers suicide jacket

F.P. Report

QUETTA: The spokesperson for the Balochistan chief minister claimed Wednesday that Mahal Baloch, a woman member of a banned organisation, had been held with a suicide jacket.

While addressing a press conference along with the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) chief in Quetta, Balochistan CM spokesperson Babar Yousafzai said that a terrorist named Sharbat Gul had given the suicide jacket to Mahal Baloch.

“A close associate of Mahal Baloch has also been arrested. Mahal was going to give the suicide jacket to someone else. She was also being funded. We had arrested [both of] them red-handed. We will give more updates in the upcoming days,” he added.

“Sharbat Gul had asked Mahal to keep the jacket with her and said when the time comes, he will tell her whom this jacket should be given to,” he stated.

“Mahal Baloch has revealed a lot of things during the investigation. She has not been subjected to any type of torture. She is being kept as one’s mother or sister,” he claimed.