Culture dept to facilitate artisans, artists, entrepreneurs

F.P Report

PESHAWAR:  Directorate of Culture Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday established a help desk aimed at projecting the creative products of Artisans, Academia and Entrepreneurs at national and international level.

In this correlation, an event was held at directorate of culture KP in provincial metropolitan in which artists, artisans, IT specialists and officials of various departments were present on the occasion. The objective of the help desk is to create a conducive environment for culture entrepreneurship determined by stakeholders.

The directorate of culture has taken several initiatives to assist and facilitate the artisans, writers, intellectuals and others and that it also took another step to boost entrepreneurship. The event was organized by Creative Economy Unit of Directorate of Culture.

Speaking on the occasion, deputy director of directorate of culture, Shahbaz Khan said that Cultural and creative industry is the bracing nutrient to cultivate social inclusion and encourage human development through entrepreneurial activities. He stated that the directorate is fully cognizant of the strong relationship that exists between cultural issues and entrepreneurial activities.

He also shed lights over challenges faced by cultural industries, current worth and contribution of cultural industries, opportunities in the field of culture, market pressures and academic research in the sectors concerned. He informed that enhancing cultural entrepreneurship is very important because of the implication for development and growth and therefore such initiatives are taken on priority basis to materialize the benefit of a successful creative sector.

Speakers highlighted the challenges that artisans had been facing since long including systemic branding, market accessibility and utilization of latest media resources to create awareness about authentic handmade cultural products. Valued suggestions included a strategic plan initiation where challenges such as curriculum development, systemic branding, market accessibility, fair price and social uplift of creative personnel to be addressed, they added.

Participants agreed to their respective field’s responsibilities while academia concluded that there is need for systemic research in the higher studies in the cultural and creative sector. Entrepreneurs promised to prioritize local authentic cultural products and fair price and trade systems while promoting and selling artisan’s products.

The aim of the activity is to translate the evolved understanding of artisan, artist transmitted from generation to generation into updated and well calibrated strategic actions. Integrating culture into development is a policy reform of the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to reap benefits of a robust cultural and creative sector and its contributions towards social and economic development, they added.